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​RV Roof Vent Cover Replacement Tips



An RV without a roof vent is hardly an RV at all—it’s more like a box. With proper ventilation, however, it’s more than that: it’s a shelter. It’s a home. But since the vent cover is going to take the licks, it will occasionally need maintenance. Here are some tips for RV roof vent cover replacement to make your life a heck of a lot easier.

Diagnosis: When to Replace Your Vent Cover

While it’s all well and good to replace old parts, you should really spare the time, energy, and money if you don’t really need it. That means a little bit of proper diagnosis can go a long way to saving you the extra labor. Here’s what to look for when deciding if it’s time to replace your vent cover:

  • Look at the lids. When you inspect your RV roof, don’t forget to check out your vent cover lids. These lids are a good indication for how old and weathered your vent cover is getting. While good durable lids can last a long time, that’s no guarantee that they’re going to be permanent, either.
  • Watch for leaks. When water comes through the vent cover, that’s about as sure a sign as you’re going to get. It’s definitely time to repair or replace.
  • Sun damage. Water damage is a clear sign that your vent cover needs help, but you have to get up to the roof for inspection to look for the brittleness associated with sun damage, too.

Match Your Vent Cover Properly

Not sure which cover to purchase? You have a few options here. Either you can figure out the exact measurements of your old cover—taking special care to understand the hinge arrangement—or you can take the old one with you when you go to make a new purchase. Either way should work, but the latter can save you more time and energy.

Steps For Proper RV Roof Vent Cover Replacement

With the new cover secured, get out the proper tools for the job. This will involve removing old casing so you can install the new cover, so use a power drill or even manual screwdrivers with the proper heads if you have them.

As you disassemble, make sure to keep everything handy, because you’re going to need those parts again when you reconstruct the vent.

Remove the old vent and slide the new one into place—if you took the proper precautions earlier on, you should have no problem here. Secure in the screws and parts as needed so that your vent cover looks very much like the old one—except in working order.

Want to make it even easier? Then remember: these types of repair and replacement jobs will go off without a hitch so long as you have the right parts and RV sealant products to keep your roof in its best shape!

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