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​RV Window Repair Guide



Between the fiberglass, the carpet, and the upholstery, you take care of your RV. Then, your RV window meets a rock. All that hard work seems to go down the drain. To keep your RV in top condition, window problems must be taken care of immediately. Not only do you need to keep a tight seal for your RV’s interior climate, but the risk of further glass damage and free shards is too great. Here’s what you’ll need to do to tackle your RV window repair head-on.

Diagnosing the Window Problem First

The key challenge here isn’t necessarily the window itself. It’s figuring out how to proceed. If this is the first RV window problem you’ve ever dealt with, the temptation is to simply call up a repair company and have them do the work for you.

This can work, especially if you’re dealing with a windshield problem. But you might be surprised to find that many auto window repair companies are about as equipped to deal with other RV windows as you are.

Another issue you’ll have to gauge is the severity of damage. If the damage is severe enough that your window is at risk for further problems, it’s probably best to simply contact your auto dealer and order a new window from your manufacturer. This will require a total replacement of the window, true—but it will also help ensure that your RV is as safe as possible.

Replacing Your RV Window

Once you’ve decided that replacement is the way to go—and you have the exact window you need from the manufacturer—you’ll need to get down to the window frame and find the screws that keep it attached to the RV itself. Make a point of keeping these screws handy—you might need them.

Take the time you have with this opening to clean things out. Hopefully, you won’t ever have to replace this same window again, so it doesn’t hurt to get into the little nooks and crannies of your window opening while you can. We recommend using a general RV cleaner to get the job done.

While you work with a helper, carefully remove the window and store it in a safe, temporary spot. Then you can lift in the new window. If the proper window was ordered, it should fit snugly into the opening, with holes precisely fit to match where every screw went.

Additional Sealing Required?

If there is some additional sealing required, or if the only part of your window that was damaged is the frame, it may be possible to use a sealant to fix the affected area. Be sure you acquire the right RV sealant for the damaged material.

When to Call an RV Window Expert

Properly repairing a window this way can save some money on labor—but if you can’t find the appropriate manufacturer pieces and aren’t sure how to proceed, you’ll know it’s time to call an RV window expert.

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