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​RV Entry Door Repair Guide



There may be no other area in your RV that sees as much wear and tear as the entry door. It sees foot traffic. It sees spills. It sees rain coming in. If your door seals well and has good durability, it can be one of the most important moving parts in your RV. The problem is that it’s a moving part. That can make things complicated. That’s why we’ve put together this RV entry door repair guide to give you a sense of how to best prevent leaks and seal off a door the proper way.

Dealing with Serious RV Door Repairs

If your entry door is in serious need of repairs, it’s possible that you may need to remove it entirely and replace it. As you might imagine, this can come with several complications. Here are a few things to keep in mind before you opt for full door replacement:

  • Measure twice, cut once. You want to be sure that the door you’re ordering is not only compatible with the current space, but that it will make a precise fit. Be willing to put in the proper research and even consult your RV dealer for parts like these. To prevent long-term headaches, you’ll want to get this one right the first time.
  • Color and style matching. Try to imagine what the new door might look like before you order the replacement. To avoid more work than necessary, try to get a precise color match the first time around.

The most serious RV door repairs will likely require you to disengage the door from the frame entirely. Make sure that if you do undertake these repairs that your RV has a place it can go for sheltered and well-ventilated repairs.

Sealing a Leaky RV Door

It’s possible you don’t need full replacement with your door, especially if a sealant will do the job just as well. The key here is to get the right sealant and to administer it properly. Here are the essential steps:

  • Clean and dry the area to be repaired. This can be especially tricky with moving parts like RV entry doors, so make sure that you clean the area with both the door closed and open. Allow ample time to dry.
  • Match the proper sealant. Browse our RV sealants to ensure that the area you’re applying sealant to will match with the sealant itself. You don’t want to go through all that work and find that your sealant gives you anything less than a full seal with a proper cure.
  • Remove excess. Because excess sealant can get in the way of moving parts, you’ll want to be sure to use tools like The Stick to scrape away the rest.
  • Allow to cure, then inspect again. With the right matching, you should have no problems at this phase.

Although RV entry door repair can be a bit like figuring out a puzzle, there’s no reason you can’t handle the basic repairs yourself—especially with the RV products available here at RV by LIFE.

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