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​Replacing An RV Roof Membrane



The roof membrane is one of your RV’s most important pieces. It’s where your RV meets the rain, after all. If you want to keep the rain out, you’ll have to make sure your membrane is in good shape. But how do you do this if there’s extensive damage that requires an entire replacement? Here are the key steps and a few things you’ll need to know about replacing an RV roof membrane.

Understanding RV Roof Materials

To get a sense of what replacing an RV roof membrane will require, it’s essential to know the basic materials first. Here are the most common RV roof materials you’ll encounter:

  • Rubber. Rubber may be the most common RV roof material thanks to its ability to hold a water-tight seal and its long-term durability. But rubber can also be prone to difficult-to-identify cracking, which is why rubber roofs tend to require visual inspection as you do your maintenance.
  • Aluminum. RV roofs made from aluminum are quite rare, but also low-maintenance. In most cases, you won’t have to deal with aluminum, but keep in mind that if you’re looking at purchasing a used RV in need of a roof replacement, there’s a possibility it could be aluminum.
  • Fiberglass. You can tell fiberglass from rubber as it will be harder, weightier, and a little bit more rare. And since RV fiberglass is common, you’ll likely find that it closely matches the RV siding.

When You Need to Replace the Roof Membrane

How can you tell the difference between needing to replace a roof membrane and simple repairs? If you have multiple areas on the roof that need extensive repairs, it may eventually become simpler to replace altogether. When it’s simpler and more cost-feasible to replace the membrane, you’ll likely want to skip the repairs and move straight to replacement.

Should you hire someone else to handle a project this ambitious? It’s up to you. RV roof membrane replacement is more time-consuming than repairs, but it’s entirely possible to handle it yourself with the right materials and a little know-how.

Replacing Your RV Roof Membrane in a Few Steps

Every roof is different, but here are the basic steps you’ll need to understand how to replace the membrane:

  • Safety. Move your RV somewhere safe, where you’ll be free from falling debris and the chance of precipitation as you work.
  • Removal. Remove debris, the awning, associated parts, and any extraneous equipment that might be already attached to the roof membrane. You don’t want to get two steps into your RV roof replacement and find out there are attached parts that will only get in the way.
  • Remove the membrane itself and inspect the infrastructure underneath. Is there wood that needs replacement? Are there parts that need to be replaced or fixed? You won’t have many opportunities to inspect this part of your RV, so make full use of it while it’s exposed.
  • Add the new roof membrane of the appropriate type and fitting to your roof, using the recommended adhesive strategies.

Finally, you’ll want to make sure that your new RV roof membrane is firmly sealed. That’s where our RV sealants come in handy. Choose the appropriate sealant to match your specific membrane type, and you’ll be able to use the applicator to provide the tight, waterproof seals you need. You’ll now have a fresh membrane that can seal out water and provide your RV protection for years.

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