March 2015

3 Helpful Tools To Restore Almost Any RV

“Take these three items: some WD-40,
a vise grip, and a roll of duct tape. [Anyone] worth his salt can fix almost
any problem with this stuff alone.”-Clint Eastwood, “Gran Torino”There is a lot to be said for
keeping a simple toolbox, especially when it comes to RV maintenance. Why
clutter up your garage with all sorts of necessary […]

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Motorhome Supplies: Our Top Five

It’s not so much about the walls around you that determines your quality of life; it’s what you do with those walls that matter. Whether you live in a motorhome or a home of fixed location, your comfort, satisfaction, and overall quality of life will depend on the items that you use to make your […]

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RV Roof Cleaning Strategies and Tools

As much as you might love
your RV, let’s face it: few people like the idea of cleaning their RV roof.
Sure, you get a lot of joy out of your RV. You take good care of it. You wash
it. You keep the inside clean. You enjoy your RV as much as a person can enjoy
something…and still […]

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