November 2015

Washing Your RV in Winter? Don’t Make These Three Mistakes

Washing your RV in winter? The phrase alone is enough to
make you cringe. Anyone who’s ever spent serious time in a cold weather state
knows just how quickly water freezes when the temperature drops—and just how
quickly you freeze if you’re out
washing your car or RV too long.The problem? Winter is especially rough on RVs. It’s full […]

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RV by Life Owner Grace Schmidt Interview

Listen to the radio soundbite below from RV by Life owner Grace Schmidt’s recent interview with HomeTalk radio. In this interview, she shares her expertise on the importance of caulk and sealants and offers some insights on how these products can be applied to prolong the life your property.Segment 1Segment 2

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How to Make Your RV Resistant to Cold Temperatures

Let’s face it: outside of keeping your favorite goods in
temperature-controlled storage for months at a time, there’s no way to
completely winter-proof anything. Winter is tough and comes with challenges as
wide-ranging as snow and caked mud to freezing rain. But if you want to keep
your RV looking brand new and ensure that it runs as well […]

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How to Protect Your RV in the Fall

It’s a fact of life: seasons change, and we have to
change with it. But autumn doesn’t only mean thicker sweaters and leaf blowers;
it also requires taking the time to care for and protect your RV as much as
possible.You might remember our guide for protecting your RV in the summer. If you’ve followed through on
our suggestions, […]

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