April 2016

RV Care: Five Tips for Easy Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning your RV, admit it: you’d rather
spend the afternoon sitting on the couch and watching TV. You’re not alone.
Just about anyone would rather spend their time in leisure than take a few
hours out of their day to cover the entire RV head-to-toe. RVs, after all, are big. They take a lot […]

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Diamond Shield Removal From your RV

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to remove a stuck-on seal
from your RV…only to have the seal refuse to budge. Anyone who’s ever worked
with Diamond Shield® knows that. Although the protection provided to your car or
RV can be nice, trying to remove it, this adhesive—well, that’s a different
story altogether.But if you have the right tools […]

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How To Clean Fiberglass (Without Ruining It)

When it comes to RV cleaning, there’s nothing more important
than knowing how to handle fiberglass. Fiberglass is, after all, one of the
most common materials used to construct RVs these days. You can find it all
over the outside of your RV. And if you’re not careful, your fiberglass can
easily stain, scuff, and wear.Since there’s so much […]

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