May 2016

RV Stains: 3 Products To Eliminate Blemishes Around The RV

There’s nothing quite like driving home a brand-new RV. The
fiberglass is bright, polished, and shiny. The interior is fresh and smells
great. Everything is clean, clear, and blemish-free… for about two seconds.
Then something spills.Fortunately, not every blemish has to be an immediate
disaster. Armed with the right equipment, you can keep your RV as stain-free as
possible for […]

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4 Reasons RV Designed Soap Needed

Soap. Simple enough, right? If you’ve bought one soap,
you’ve bought them all. At least, so goes the conventional wisdom. The truth about soap, detergent, and cleaning products is
that different products work better for different surfaces. That’s why you have
more than just a “general cleaner” in your kitchen. It’s why you have a special
spray for your laptop […]

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How to Remove Old House Smell From Your RV

It’s hard to put your finger on it, but we’ve all
experienced it. It’s the sense that the air in your RV might not be overly
putrid, but certainly isn’t clean and fresh either. The air smells old, even if
your RV is new, and no amount of ventilation makes the problem go away for more
than a few […]

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RV Exterior Cleaning Without All of the Strain

Ever find yourself struggling through another bout of RV
exterior cleaning and whispering, “I’m getting too old for this”? We’re right
there with you. Between scrubbing, hosing, and wiping, tackling a cleaning
project as big as the exterior of your RV can add up to a lot of
strain—especially if you’ve already got shoulder and back issues to begin […]

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RV Fiberglass: 3 Steps To Look New

Your RV fiberglass isn’t just another material to look out
for. Your RV has so much fiberglass that the quality of this fiberglass will
essentially determine how good your RV looks. And if you want to drive around
in an RV that looks brand new, you’re going to have to learn about the right products
and steps to ensure […]

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