July 2016

Five Things Dealerships Won’t Tell You About RV Care

Your RV is a complicated thing, requiring special care. And chances are, RV salespeople
don’t want you to know that.Luckily, RV owners know RV care doesn’t have to be complicated. If you’re thinking about buying an RV, here
are five essential things you need to know about long-term RV care.Custom Graphics
Require Custom CareIt may sound like something […]

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How To Clean and Protect At Once for Fresh RV Vinyl

Most people know how to clean everyday objects—wood,
countertops, and the like. But vinyl? Ask someone to clean vinyl and they have
no idea how to proceed. The good news: it’s easy, especially if you use the
right product.Secure a Bottle of VinyLIFE
If you don’t have the product to meet your needs, then
you’re probably going to end up […]

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How to Polish RV Fiberglass

Any RV owner worth their salt knows that it’s not enough to
keep your fiberglass clean—you also have to keep it protected. After all,
fiberglass is where your RV meets the world, facing all sorts of problems from
UV rays to debris.
When it comes to treating your RV fiberglass right, nothing is
more powerful than a product that can […]

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How to Remove Stubborn Decals & Bumper Stickers from Your RV

You might have a new, freshly-painted RV. But that doesn’t
mean it’s absolutely pristine. Stickers, decals, and other obstructions can
sometimes get in the way, especially if you want to add your own style. Whether
you’ve purchased a used RV with decals already attached or you want to give
your RV a makeover, here’s your guide to removing decals […]

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Three Multi-Tasking RV Products You Need to Know

In his TV show “Good Eats,” host Alton Brown used to
disparage the idea of kitchen “unitaskers,” or devices that had only one
purpose. They take up a lot of space and, if their function isn’t important
enough, often don’t justify the storage room they absorb. Much better, Brown
argues, are multi-tasking tools.We at RV by LIFE would argue […]

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How to Care for Your RV Graphics

Let’s face it: you didn’t shell out quadruple digits on
custom RV graphics so you could watch them wither away from debris and sun
damage.You want your RV graphics to last as long as possible while
maintaining that “fresh from the shop” look. If you play your cards right and
seek out the right RV waxing and cleaning products, […]

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