December 2016

Diesel RV Maintenance Schedule

You know that old saying in medicine: an ounce of prevention
is worth a pound of cure? It extends to diesel RV maintenance too. In fact,
making a major investment in a Diesel RV isn’t a good idea if you can’t spare a
few moments now and then to make sure that it’s running at its very best. […]

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Removing a Paint Protection Film from your RV

You’re an attentive RV owner, so you love to protect every
last detail. That includes ensuring your paint is protected from the elements.
While a paint protection film is a great way to ensure your paint is protected—and
can even be more effective than a coating, sealant or wax—it also may take away
from the natural shine of your […]

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5 Amazing Uses for RV Sealants

A quality RV sealant may seem like a simple thing: you apply
it, let it cure, and your RV’s leaks are fixed. But when you work with Life-Calk®,
you get more than that. You get a versatile, non-corrosive sealant that helps
put you back in control over the quality of your RV—both inside and out. Here
are just a […]

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