July 2018

Pop Up Camper Ceiling Repair Tips

Repairing the ceiling of a pop-up camper can feel
intimidating at first—but it’s actually one of the more common repairs in the
world of RVing. And while it might be tempting to pay a professional to handle
these issues, some repairs are simple enough to tackle on your own. They’re
also a lot more affordable. Here are some tips […]

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RV Window Seal Replacement Guide

A tight seal means you’ll have a waterproof, well-protected
RV. Anything but a tight seal and… well, you don’t want to know the damage you
sometimes risk. That’s the vital difference between an effective RV window seal
and one that’s badly in need of replacement. But how can you be sure you do a
good job when replacing that […]

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RV Fiberglass Roof Repair Tips

The appeal of an RV is that it lets you live a life of
adventure and freedom. But adventure and freedom only last while your roof
does. And with a fiberglass roof, RV roof maintenance and repair can seem
difficult and complicated. That’s why we’ve put together this list of top RV
fiberglass roof repair tips.A quality roof will […]

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RV Slide Out Seal Replacement Guide

When you’re inside a home, you take the shelter for granted.
You’re sealed from the rain and not worried about it. That’s not always the
case in an RV. When there’s a leak or a problem with a seal—such as the slide
out seal—you’ll know about it. Repairing these seals is vital if you want to
keep your RV […]

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