August 2018

RV Exterior Trim Repair Tips

Be honest: when you think “RV repairs,” you don’t
immediately think about the exterior trim. You most likely think about the
engine, or the roof—or the other essential areas where your RV needs to be
functioning at its best. But a trim that isn’t up to snuff can become a problem
in a hurry, leading to leakage, inefficiency, and […]

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RV Entry Door Repair Guide

There may be no other area in your RV that sees as much wear
and tear as the entry door. It sees foot traffic. It sees spills. It sees rain
coming in. If your door seals well and has good durability, it can be one of
the most important moving parts in your RV. The problem is that […]

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RV Metal Roof Repair Tips

An metal roof can be a powerful line of defense from the
elements—but that doesn’t mean it’s without its quirks, either. If you need to
seal, repair, and maintain your metal roof, it helps to know how to deal with it.
That’s why we’ve put together some of our top RV metal roof repair tips to keep
it sealed, […]

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Camper Roof Sealant Products

It’s raining outside, but you’re not worried. Your camper
will keep you comfortable and cozy. Then, you hear a drop. And a second drop.
Soon, you realize that you’re facing one of the worst nightmares of any camper
owner: a leak. Fortunately, a leak does not have to be a permanent problem—not
if you use the right camper roof […]

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