November 2018

How To Clean An RV Ceiling

When you clean, it’s easy to forget one thing: what’s going
on above you. To make things easy, we’ve put together some great tips on how to
clean an RV ceiling.Step One: Prep The
Ceiling & Surrounding AreaIt’s tempting to think of the ceiling as a broad, flat,
empty space—because it is. But when you clean something, you’re also […]

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DIY RV Shower Tips

There are few things as freeing as being able to take your
shower with you. In an RV, you can take a shower with you on vacations, family
trips, or simply to supplement your camping experience. But if you’re the Do-It-Yourself
(DIY) type, there are some things you should know about RV showers before you
think about overhauling your […]

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