Fiberglass Powder Cleaner and Stain Remover

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List of ingredients

NameCAS#FunctionChemical of ConcernFragrance AllergensLists
Crystaline Silica
Crystaline Silica14808-60-7AbrasiveYesNone
  • Prop 65
  • IARC Carc
  • US NTP Carc
  • CA NL
  • Nanoscale Silica
Chleating Agent
Chleating AgentWithheldChelating AgentNoNone
Methyl-oxirane polymer with oxirane
Methyl-oxirane polymer with oxirane9003-11-6SurfactantYesNone
  • Canada PBT
Anti-caking Agent
Anti-caking AgentWithheldAnti-caking agentNoNone

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