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Advice For Living In A Motorhome


Living in a motorhome can be a fruitful experience, even if
the minimal space has its limitations. After all, you can travel anywhere! In
addition to our RV-friendly
cleaning and maintenance products
, here is some great advice for living in
a motorhome.

Cut Out The

There’s simply no getting around it: your space in a
motorhome is going to be limited. Here are some tips for clearing out space by
getting rid of what you don’t need.

  • Find multi-tasking devices whenever possible. A
    kitchen full of single-use gadgets is going to eat up too much of your storage.
    But if you stick to those items that have multiple uses, you’ll automatically
    eliminate the need for extra accessories and gadgets.
  • When possible, separate services from your
    motorhome. For example, you can use a virtual mailbox or a P.O. box to have
    much of your mail delivered elsewhere, which saves on stacks of junk mail. A
    safe-deposit box at a bank is also a great way to keep your valuables secure.
  • One word: cords. In the world of modern
    electronics, cords pile up on you—and they do it quickly. When you can’t go
    wireless, pay attention to the way you organize cords. A few purchases at the
    dollar store—including charging stations and labels—can make a world of

Cutting out the unessentials is about more than physical
space, however. You should also take steps to simplify your life—that means
cutting out subscriptions you won’t need in the motorhome, for example. Every
time you clean your RV or
motorhome, try to make an effort to remove the items you never use.

Make If Feel Like Home

If we couldn’t offer any more advice for living in a motorhome,
it would be this: No matter where you find your comfort, it should always feel
like home. One mistake motorhome owners sometimes make is that they forget the
time and effort required to make any living space cozy. Here are a few ideas
for breaking in your motorhome:

  • Decorate.
    Plants, art, a little herb garden—anything that would please you in any other
    space can be done even with the limited square footage of a motorhome so long
    as you put some thought into it. Plants especially have the effect of making a
    space feel fuller.
  • Get
    Think about what you actually
    spend most of your time doing when you’re at home, and invest in it. If that
    means a comfortable piece of furniture or the occasional splurge on a gadget,
    that will work just fine.
  • Add a few
    personal touches.
    Once you’ve cleaned out the space and embraced
    multi-taskers, you’ll have more room for those personal touches that make a
    motorhome feel like home. Think about
    family pictures hung up with magnets, a few favorite sentimental items, and
    even something as trivial as a welcome mat. You’d be amazed at how different
    they make your space feel.

One final thing: make sure you care for your motorhome. Keep
a few restoration
handy to make sure that your motorhome remains comfortable, sealed,
safe, and always ready to enjoy.

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