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What The Best RV Wash & Wax Does Differently


What is soap but some suds and water? What is wax but
something you buff into your RV exterior, hoping for the best? As it turns out,
a lot. With proper RV wash and wax, you can extend the life of your RV as well
as the time between cleanings and wax applications. With the right products in
hand, you’ll be able to work less, enjoy more, and ultimately, get more life
out of your RV. So what should you be looking for in the best RV wash and wax?

RV Wash: Why You Need
More Than Soap And Water

Soap and water is effective, sure. But it’s not designed
specifically for your RV’s materials. A product like Suds is more than just soap and
water. Yes, it has the general cleaning power of soap and water, but the advantages
run deeper than that—especially when applied to your RV. Here’s why you should
upgrade your soap to Suds:

  • Environmental
    It’s tempting to use harsh chemicals for the sake of
    efficiency. But this is bad for the environment. And in some cases, it may even
    be illegal. There’s no reason you should have to sacrifice efficiency for the
    sake of the environment. Accomplish an efficient clean while being gentle on
    the environment with Suds’ powerful and biodegradable
  • Cleaning
    on painted surfaces.
    Here’s what many RV owners forget: that layer of
    paint. Some chemical-based cleaners and soaps can be so harsh on this paint
    that they wear it down, eventually leading to all sorts of problems. The sooner
    you nip it in the bud, the better. Or you can stick to a product that’s safe
    for painted surfaces like Suds and never think about it again.
  • Scent.
    Want something better than that “just cleaned with some harsh chemicals” scent?
    The pleasant fragrance left behind by a product like Suds is specifically designed
    for the RV environment. The result is a better overall experience—and a
    fresh-smelling RV.

If you want the clean, protected look of your RV to last, you
need to find the best RV wax too.

Using LifeWax For A
Better RV Wash & Wax Routine

Just as you can upgrade your RV wash for better results, the
type of wax you use is also critical to long-term protection. We recommend LifeWax. Its formula is
specifically designed to aid with the protection of fiberglass, even in harsh
tropical environments with plenty of humidity.

The best part? This wax can last up to three years when used
in conjunction with PolyShine.
That’s the kind of long-term protection that’s worth the investment. And thanks
to that durability, you can be sure that your fiberglass and color will be
well-protected for years to come.

Combine a good RV wash with a quality RV wax like LifeWax,
and you’ll have more than a simple routine—you’ll have a better-looking RV in
no time. Even better, you’ll get to spend less time maintaining your RV thanks
to the long-lasting quality of these products. That means more time doing what
you’d planned all along: enjoying your RV to its fullest.

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