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How To Clean An RV Rubber Roof


When it comes to cleaning, most items are simple. You wash
your car with a little soap and rinse it with water. You clean the counter with
general cleaning spray, then wipe it down. But what about when you’re dealing
with something as vital as your RV’s roof? How do you ensure you do the best by
its materials to prevent leaks and ongoing maintenance?Here’s how to clean an RV rubber roof to help you keep it looking
and performing its best.

Start With The Right

You wouldn’t take any old cleaner to your windows and trust
that they’ll remain streak-free. In the same way, you have to clean an RV
rubber roof with the right materials and tools. That means matching the right
cleaner to the materials. There are a few keys here:

  • Use an RV cleaning product that’s biodegradable,
    which is easier on the roof and better for the surrounding environment as well.
  • When choosing a cleaner, go for something that
    can make quality suds with water, which in turn leads to more bang for your

We recommend starting with a gallon of Suds. The
biodegradable formula lives up to the standards you need while giving you
plenty of cleaning action for the dollar.

As for your tools, the key here is efficiency. An RV roof is
a lot of space to clean. Start with a large bucket with plenty of water, and
use a long-handled cleaning brush. A simple hand brush simply won’t do—there’s
too much real estate to cover.

On The Roof, Safety

Wiping down the kitchen counter is no big health hazard, but
getting up on an RV roof can present some dangers. Here are a few safety tips
as you’re learning how to clean an RV rubber roof:

  • Wear good, firm boots. This can help to prevent
    slipping and falling. You’ll want to avoid walking on a slippery, watery surface.
    But if you do by accident, it’s good to have firm-gripping boots.
  • Brush the edges of the roof while you keep safe.
    That’s one of the reasons you should use a long-handled brush. You can reach
    challenging areas and the roof edges while minimizing risk to yourself.
  • Start with one side, and stick to the dry side.
    Always look where you step. You don’t want to slip on something and fall. But
    you can also start with one side and work to the other side, keeping your feet
    dry while cleaning the rest of the roof.

Most of all, mind your feet. It only takes a second to lose
your footing and fall. If you’re mindful, you should have no problems.

Give Your Roof A
Proper Rinse

You likely know the basic steps of cleaning here—apply soap
and brush on. When that’s done, you can use a ladder to give the entire roof a
good rinse. Allow it to dry, under shelter if available.

Cleaning rubber is relatively easy—it’s the process of
getting on and off the roof safely that presents the real challenges. But if
you keep safety in mind, use the right RV roof cleaning materials, and
take your time, your RV will look like new faster than you’d believe.

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