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Common RV Mistakes To Avoid


An RV can be one of the best ways to get out and enjoy
life—that is, when you’re not making mistakes. Fortunately, some of the most
common RV mistakes are the easiest to avoid. The key is knowing what they are
and taking the time to ensure you don’t make them yourself. Here’s what you’ll
need to know to help ensure a smooth trip the next time you take out your RV.

Mistake #1:
Forgetting to Level the RV

This might be the most common “rookie” mistake. You never
have to worry about leveling your car, so why should you think about leveling
your RV? But if you want to sleep at a consistent angle and you want your
kitchen surfaces to be level, it only pays to take the time to level your RV when
you first arrive at a campsite.

Mistake #2: Ignoring
the Water Systems

What’s the difference between comfort and living in the
wilderness? Simple: your water systems. Having running water, a shower, and a
bathroom means having your RV’s water systems cleaned, cleared, and ready to
go. Don’t forget to check your water systems and ensure that they’re prepared
before you head out on your next extended RV trip.

Mistake #3: Driving
the RV Like a Car

Let’s talk about the road for a second. An RV can be a major
change for the person behind the wheel, especially if you’ve only ever driven
sedans before. Make sure you get a sense of how large the RV is, how to use the
mirrors, and how to check your blind spots. The RV might run like a car, but
driving it like a car can be a mistake.

Another thing many RV owners forget about the first time
around: your clearance. Don’t go through any drive-thru if you’re unsure about
the clearance!

Mistake #4: Having No
Plan B

Taking your RV with you can be a great security blanket for
a vacation. But what if something fails? Do you have a backup plan, or would
you find yourself in a camping situation with no power and no supplies? Make
sure you take the backup and emergency supplies necessary to keep your phones
charged and your stomachs full.

Mistake #5: Using the
Wrong Cleaning Products

It’s tempting to clean your RV like you would your home. You
buy a general cleaner, something to wipe it off with, and get to work. And
while that might work for some RV materials, there are better ways to handle
your RV’s messes. Have a look at the RV cleaners available here at RV by LIFE:

  • Suds
    is an environmentally-safe product for general RV cleaning that works well when
    you’re parked at a camp site especially.
  • VinyLIFE
    is both a cleaner and protectant for all the vinyl inside and outside your RV.
  • Mildew Remover helps
    you address the cleanliness issues that occur in growth after dampness and

You don’t have to make these RV mistakes when you use the
right products and plan your next trip the right way. Have a look at all the RV cleaning & maintenance products
we offer to help ensure you take proper care of your RV.

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