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Don’t Make These Classic RV Cleaning Mistakes


You may take a lot of time to ensure your RV is clean, but
unless you also use the right products and techniques, you can only accomplish
so much. Stop wasting time on the wrong ways to clean your RV. You can avoid
all of the “classic” mistakes with just a few easy solutions. Here’s how.

Mistake: Not Using
Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

It’s the ultimate rookie mistake: you buckle down, set aside
a big chunk of time for cleaning your RV, and do your best to leave it shining.
Then when you’re done, you notice that all of your suds have washed down the
driveway and into the neighboring grass, damaging it permanently.

If you want to get the most out of your cleaning session,
make sure you’re working with the right kind of formula from the start. Be sure
you read the label. 

Acquire a Suds Quart for a
biodegradable, environment-friendly RV cleaning formula that won’t leave your
lawn looking like a war zone.

Mistake: Treating
Your Custom Graphics Like Any Other Material

This mistake can manifest in a number of ways. Maybe your RV
graphics are clean, but they succumb to fading over time. Maybe they chip off a
little bit at first, only to be suddenly ruined when the problem spreads to the
rest of the graphics.

With all of the maladies that your custom graphics are
exposed to, you need to make sure that they’re both clean and protected. To do
that, you need to look around for the right wax product that’s actually
designed specifically for these graphics. Or, we’ll just make it easy for you with a simple solution. Use Graphix Wax to give your
custom graphics the level of care that your investment calls for.

Mistake: Letting RV Mildew
Get the Best of You

As soon as you have mildew in your RV, you should know it.
There will be a strange smell inside your RV—a lack of freshness that’s
difficult to get out. If you find yourself opening windows to let in fresh air,
start asking yourself if you have problems that run a little deeper than mere

Mildew tends to grow in areas of high moisture and humidity,
so regularly inspect your RV and check the nooks and crannies to see if there’s
something your usual cleaning routine might have missed. 

Solution: As soon as you suspect mildew to be the culprit of stale
air, use RV Mildew
to tackle the affected area and restore your RV to the freshness
you deserve.

Mistake: Ignoring the

The roof of your RV is vital, yet it’s taken for granted by
many RV owners who simply forget it’s there. Make sure to regularly check your
roof for leaks and cracks. Sealing these off won’t just give your RV a longer
lifespan, but will ensure that you don’t let in debris and moisture that you’ll
have to clear out later. 

Solution: Look
for the right RV sealant and
regularly make sure your roof is doing its main job: keeping the mess out.

Now that you know these common mistakes, they should be easy
to avoid. Remember to keep up a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule, and
your RV should last you for quite some time.

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