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Easy Ways to Maintain the “Like-New” Shine of Stainless Steel


Few metals look as attractive as stainless steel—and even
when they do, they cost a heck of a lot more. But the stainless steel in your
RV isn’t free, either, which means you’ll want to know everything you can to
ensure that your stainless steel remains
stainless and retains the same quality over the long-term future.

Building up a solid foundation of knowledge and adding in
one or two tools to help you maintain your stainless steel can do a lot to keep
it looking “like-new” even when it isn’t so new.

Know Your Stainless

First, what is
stainless steel? It is a low carbon steel that contains a little chromium—which
helps give it that characteristic “bright” look. Stainless steel is as tough as
it looks, resisting corrosion and rusting at a far higher degree than many
other metal alloys.

Your stainless steel will be resistant to problems that
cast-iron isn’t so resistant to, but that doesn’t mean you should treat your
stainless steel as impervious to degradation.

Effective Habits for Keeping New Stainless Steel in Good Condition

Stainless steel is highly sought after for its durability
and its resistance to rust, but that doesn’t mean your stainless steel is going
to remain perfect simply because the word “stainless” is in the name. If you
have new stainless steel in your RV—and that can be anywhere, including the
pots and pans you keep handy—then you’ll save yourself a lot of work if you
learn some basic tips for stainless steel care right from the get-go:

  • Frequent
    and drying will help you keep the stainless steel clear of any
    contaminants that might speed up the corrosion process.
  • Storing
    stainless steel in your RV in a dry place is important; when it comes to the
    stainless steel incorporated in your
    RV, you’ll want to make sure that you dry it thoroughly after a wash with a
    clean towel.

Of course, there are a lot of other issues with stainless
steel, such as the streaking of cleaning solutions and leaving fingerprints on it.
If you have these problems in your stainless steel, keep reading:

Cleaning: Restoring
Messy Stainless Steel to Its Original Shine

Many people recommend using a vinegar-detergent solution in
order to get stainless steel to its original shine, and this method can work.
But we think there’s a much simpler solution available: Stainless Steel RVCleaner. Having this all-in-one formula helps you avoid streaks and follows
a simple spray-on, wipe-off method that won’t have you mixing detergents and
worrying about cleaning ratios. Simply keep some Stainless Steel RV Cleaner on
hand and you’ll be able to give your stainless steel its chrome-like shine at a
moment’s notice.

Take care to wipe off the cleaner and dry your stainless
steel properly and you’ll have a recipe for both cleaning and maintenance of
your stainless steel. Now, if only every part of your RV was easy to clean and

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