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Five Steps to Take After Having Custom Graphics Installed

Your RV is your canvas. So when you have custom graphics
installed, it only makes sense that you’ll want to show it off. You take pride
in your RV’s appearance, and it shows. But what steps are you taking to ensure
that your beautiful canvas will remain
beautiful? Chances are, while basking in the glory of all those new graphics,
you might forget the long-term protection those graphics need to stay looking
fresh for years to come.

Step 1: Allow time
for the graphics to settle in.
You’ll want to go by the instructions of
your custom graphics supplier, but generally you don’t want to fiddle with your new graphics too much immediately after they are applied. Now is the time for looking
at them, showing them off, and enjoying the way your RV looks. Be sure to
consult with your graphic artist to see if there are any special instructions;
otherwise, simply store your RV in a dry place and allow the graphics to set. Leaving new custom
graphics out in the sun without protection can lead to damage, which is why
storing or covering your RV is vital to the longevity of your new graphics.

Step 2: Get the proper maintenance materials. This is a fancy way of saying that you should
find yourself some GraphixWax. This wax is produced with the intention of protecting graphics
specifically, which means it contains protection from UV rays and moisture.
Waxing your RV should be a regular part of your RV maintenance schedule, but what you wax with is just as important
as how often you wax.

Step 3: Regularly
check your graphics for deterioration.
Since most problems occur
over the long-term, you don’t need to check your graphics every time you climb
in the RV. Just take the occasional time to look at your graphics. You might include
it as part of a regular maintenance check – such as when you’re looking for
leaks. This regular check will let you know if there’s any damage that might
require immediate action.

Step 4: Be careful
with your washes.
When you go to a car wash, make sure that you opt for a
wash plan that’s gentle on graphics. You’d be surprised at how many people
continue to run their RVs through a wash without any thought as to what’s
happening to their custom graphics. If you’re really feeling ambitious, you
could simply make sure you wash your own RV with simple ingredients you trust.

Step 5: Enjoy. There
isn’t much to protecting your graphics once you have the right equipment and
habits in place. In fact, with a proper installation, custom graphics can be
very low-maintenance. That gives you more time to enjoy using your RV, showing
it off, and having fun focusing on everything else that comes with your RV. 

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