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How To Live In A Camper With A Family


Living in a camper with a family brings an entire list of
challenges. Having enough space for everyone, preparing meals, ensuring that
everyone has their privacy—the list goes on. But if you know how to do it
properly, you’ll be rewarded with a wonderfully simple way of living. Here’s a
quick guide on how to live in a camper with a family.

Noise Control

You may think space issues are priority number one, but it’s
easy to forget another challenge of close proximity: noise. Make purchases like
noise-canceling headphones to ensure that people can enjoy a little bit of
private time even when everyone is present in close quarters.

Find Some Space

It’s not just about space in the camper. It’s also about where
you take the camper. Look for those spots that can support plenty of outdoor
space so kids can run around and adults can enjoy some quiet time.

Keep A List

You won’t figure everything out right away. Invest in a
journal and a pen so you can jot down notes about the adjustments you can make.
For example, if you forgot the noise-canceling headphones, make a reminder to
run and get them. This list will help you continue to make the small
improvements that add up to a higher quality life over time.

Create An Adventure

Living in a camper with a family can feel like an adventure.
Don’t be afraid to make adventures out of it! Visit that national park in your
region. Hike and take pictures on top of a mountain. Don’t just frame the
experience as a close-knit living situation—take the opportunity for adventures
that you can all enjoy.

Keep An Emergency Kit

Put together a First-Aid kit, along with all sorts of
emergency supplies like backup batteries, phone chargers, space blankets, water
filters, and flashlights. These will help you improve your emergency preparedness
and enhance your peace of mind.

Invest In Privacy

Although the close quarters are an inevitable, there are
still some changes you can make to add to the privacy of the situation. For
example, setting up dark curtains around the beds will help someone take a nap
while the rest of the camper is sitting in full sunlight. These small
investments can make it feel like there are “rooms” in your camper.

Keep It Clean

Need we say more? Every ounce of space counts, especially when you live in a camper with family,
so make sure that you keep it tidy, clean, and well-maintained. A simple
investment in VinyLIFE,
for example, can prepare you for any scuffs on the furnishings. Don’t save the
cleaning for one big, epic day of labor. Instead, make a point to tidy up every
so often so that the mess never gets out of hand.

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