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How To Sanitize An RV Fresh Water Tank

diesel-rv-maintenance- Sanitize RV Fresh Water Tank

run a clean RV, you need to manage your waste water and gray water systems
effectively. But don’t forget how important it is to sanitize an RV fresh water tank, as well! Fresh water needs to be
clean and your systems need to be sanitized if you’re going to be confident and
relaxed in your RV, using the water systems to cook and wash with. The only
question is, how do you sanitize your RV fresh water tank? Here are some steps
to get you started.

Step One: Drain the
Water Heater

A word of warning: you don’t want to drain the water heater
when it’s either hot or under pressure, as this will be unsafe. Before you
begin the process, let all the systems cool down.

After that, identify the water line drains at the low points.
Keep in mind that there’s one for hot water and one for cold water. Identify
the lowest point in the system and unplug it to let the water drain out. Feel
free to turn on the water pump at this point to get any more water that may be
in the system moving.

Step Two: Pour in a
Cleaning Solution

Don safety goggles for every subsequent step, as you’ll want
to avoid getting a bleach solution in your eyes. Trust us on that one!

Use a solution of a quarter cup of household bleach for
every fifteen gallons your fresh water tank holds. Mix this bleach with water
into a one-gallon container and pour it into the fresh water holding tank. Fill
the remainder of the tank with potable water.

At this point, you’ll be able to turn the water pump on,
open the hot/cold faucets, and run the water. You should be able to smell the
bleach at this stage.

Some people even recommend that you drive your RV around to
get the water sloshing around inside
the holding tank. If you do this, be extra careful that you don’t have any
loose ends that could result in getting a bleach solution where it doesn’t
belong. It should be able to stay in the holding tank for the time being.

Step Three: Let Sit, Rinse
& Drain

After you’ve closed the faucets, let the solution sit for 12
hours at a minimum. At this point, you’ll want to drain the system, taking care
that your bleach solution doesn’t end up anywhere environmentally unsafe.

When the system is drained, fill the fresh water tank with
potable water. Open the faucets and continue running the water until you do not
smell the bleach. Repeat the process until you’re sure that you don’t have any
bleach remaining—just clean systems and potable water.

Cleaning Your RV the
Right Way

The steps above are a simple way to ensure that the inside
of your fresh water system is clean and up to par. But if you want to make sure
that your RV is clean everywhere else, don’t forget that there are plenty of
convenient RV cleaning products
you can pick up right here at RV by LIFE!

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