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How To Prepare Your RV For Another Great Year

With 2016
just around the corner, it’s fair to assume that you have a party on your mind.
And what better place to host a humble New Year’s party than in an RV, where
you can enjoy all of the sights and sounds of nature with the convenience of
comfort you’re used to at home?

It sounds
like a good plan thus far, but if you really want your party to go off without
a hitch, it’s a good idea to start preparing as soon as you can. Get all of the
work out of the way so that when the countdown to midnight 2016 starts, you’re
ready to sit back and enjoy yourself. Here are a few of our suggestions for
making the party preparations easier.

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the arrival of 2016, it’s time to get your RV ready for the year ahead so you
can continue to enjoy all of the sights
and sounds of nature with the convenience of comforts of home.Here are a few of our suggestions for making
the preparations for another fantastic year with your RV easier.

Give the RV a Good Cleaning

We know,
we know: it’s not what you want to hear. And maybe your RV is already plenty
clean. But in case it’s not, a product like Suds or RV Mildew Remover can help you prepare in a pinch, even if
the air in your RV is a little stale. In order to make sure that your RV both
looks and smells fresh, try to
identify the source of any odors right away so you can clean them at the
offending spot. Otherwise, merely cleaning “over the surface” won’t do much to
make your RV as fresh as it could be.

Be sure
to dry your RV thoroughly after cleaning, as a dry RV will help prevent more
mildew and will help ensure that any lingering smells won’t be quite so

Prepare Your RV’s Systems

Remember that an RV truly is a mobile
home and needs to have all of its amenities ready to host anything.
If you have the time and capacity, now’s a good time to flush your systems and
empty your RV holding tank. Having clean and fresh water along with an empty
tank will ensure that your RV’s ready to handle a few more guests if need be.

you’re at it, make sure to check on everything to make sure there’s no winter
damage, particularly if you’re in a cold-weather state and have been affected
by the recent winter storms.

Invite Friends

Hosting get-togethers on an RV doesn’t require much for decoration, but it does require
setting a basic mood. You can play music through your regular RV system or
bring in your own speakers and Bluetooth system to ensure that you’re able to listen
to your own custom playlist.

doesn’t have to be complicated; even just keeping up some basic white outdoor string lights will help set a fun atmosphere. If you can, dim the lighting just a little
bit; you’d be surprised at how well guests respond to dimmer lighting when it
comes to enjoying a relaxing get-together.

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