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How to Remove Stains from RV Stainless Steel

It’s the cleaner’s paradox: “stainless” steel is not always
all it’s cracked up to be. Despite its pristine reputation, stainless steel is
just as vulnerable to debris, grease, and stains as any other material out
there—and unless you know how to deal with it, those debris and stains are
going to remain there.

Luckily keeping your stainless steel doesn’t have to be a
chore—especially if you have the right products and the right strategy for
dealing with it…

The Best Product to
Clean RV Stainless Steel

The very first step in your battle against stainless steel
problems is to secure a high-quality
Stainless Steel Cleaner
that includes easy spray-on application. Although a
lot of “home remedy” fixes recommend a mild amount of dish soap with water,
it’s much easier to simply have dedicated stainless steel cleaner handy in a
spray-on bottle.

You won’t only save time doing this, but you’ll ultimately
avoid the mistakes that RV owners make. Don’t worry about the soap to water
ratio, whether you have any good vinegars to use—stop the online searching and
get a stainless steel cleaner you can trust.

The key here? No
, no residue, and an easy spray-on/wipe off application that
allows you to make quick work of your stainless steel.

The Best Method for
Clearing Debris from Stainless Steel

Of course, not all of your stainless steel problems will be
solved with a spray on/wipe off strategy. Sometimes, you’re going to have more
serious problems that require a little bit more of an intensive cleaning:

  • First, clear out any debris that might get in
    the way of a stainless steel spray application. For example, if there’s a
    sticker on your stainless steel, you might want to peel it off for
    cleaning—unless you plan on leaving it there a long time. Other issues like
    sticker glue residue, dirt, and grease should be wiped away if possible.
  • Once the stainless steel is cleared of debris, you can
    then apply the Stainless Steel Cleaner. Using an old rag, wipe the stainless
    steel down, making sure that it’s not leaving any streaks.
  • Give your stainless steel a quick check to make
    sure that you didn’t miss any spots due to stuck-on debris. If you did, then
    “spot clean” until the entirety of the stainless steel is clean and dry.

Once the stainless steel is dry again, you’ll be able to do
what you want to it, such as adding stickers for decoration. Or you can simply
enjoy the quality of the stainless steel as it is and move on to the next part
of your RV restoration, such as cleaning out your fiberglass.

A Final Word on
Stainless Steel

Stainless steel has a reputation as a low-maintenance metal,
and in many cases that’s true. But low-maintenance doesn’t mean no-maintenance.
Make sure to keep a bottle of Stainless Steel Cleaner handy for quick clean-ups
when you need it. This will keep your stainless steel clear, clean,

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