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Motorhome Cleaning Products

You open the cleaning shelf, check out that one bottle of
generic cleaner, and sigh under your breath. You know you should be taking better of your RV than this, but you’re
not really sure where to start. Maybe the bottle of generic cleaner worked for
you when you maintained that favorite sports car—in addition to a package of
wax—but the RV is something else entirely. It’s a mobile headquarters, a mobile
living room, a mobile home. And it gets dirtier than any car ever would. You know that the bottle of generic cleaner
isn’t enough.

But before you head to the store to begin your search for RV
cleaner—without having any idea of what you’re doing—read this article. You’re
about to learn exactly what you should stock in your RV cleaning shelf so that
you know which cleaner belongs on which surface. It’s time to ditch the generic
stuff—as well as that feeling that you’re not doing enough to keep your RV in
tip-top shape.

1. Suds

You think the generic cleaner might work on the exterior of
your RV? Think again. If you want to maintain the integrity of your RV
exterior, you’re going to need a cleaner that won’t remove the wax from your
fiberglass. Suds does exactly that in a non-phosphate, biodegradable formula
that ensures your RV will keep its waxy sheen while you remove the dust and
debris that accumulates with use. The bottle of generic stuff might clean up
your exterior, to be sure, but it won’t be as protective as these “Suds.” If
you don’t like spending more money on wax, an investment in Suds is your best

2. VinyLife

An RV typically has plenty of vinyl surface. If you want to
get the most possible life out of this vinyl—and who wouldn’t?—you’re going to
need to both clean it and protect it.
Once again, the generic stuff simply won’t do. VinyLife will, however, offering
a double solution that both cleans and protects the quality of your vinyl.
Available in a convenient spray bottle, VinyLife does an excellent job at
restoring and maintaining the sheen of vinyl, which is always a difficult
prospect for anyone with a bucket of soapy water.

3. Fiberglass
Powder Cleaner & Stain Remover

You know from reading about Suds that fiberglass requires a
little bit of love and care if it’s going to maintain its showroom sheen. If
you really want to do a number on any potential stains or debris in your
fiberglass, purchase some Fiberglass Powder Cleaner & Stain Remover: not
only will it help make the cleaning easier, but it will remove those tough
stains that the hose simply wasn’t able to penetrate.

4. Mildew Remover

Nothing quite makes an RV more
unpleasant to live in than the unmistakeable presence of mildew. Cleaning with
a generic cleaner can help prevent mildew, but once it’s there, you’re going to
need a remover.

Fiberglass & Composite RV Polish

Want beautiful fiberglass while
preventing UV damage over the long haul? PolyShine® is the way to go, offering
a level of enduring protection that will finish up your next round of cleaning with an added layer of

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