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Motorhome Tips for Beginners

Whether you make your RV a permanent home or merely a “road
trip” home, there’s a good chance that you first invested in an RV because you
wanted to spend a considerable amount of time enjoying everything it has to
offer. Unfortunately, not everything there is to know about RV’s can be found
in the manual—it takes experience, know-how, and creative thinking to truly
squeeze the most juice out of your RV living experience.

But we thought we’d help supplement everything you learned
in your RV manual by offering some RV living tips that will help you maintain
and enjoy your RV to the fullest extent, maximizing your investment dollar and
getting the most out of every day you spend in your favorite weekend getaway.


Claustrophobia or ”cabin fever,” as some call it, can be highly overrated. RVs
are just as spacious as you need them to be, making the most possible use out
of their floor plans. Many people simply think that spending time in an RV will
add to claustrophobia because they’re used to high walls and big rooms—rooms
probably too big for any practical

If you do ever feel like your RV is getting too cramped—say,
you have a large family and time spent on the road can begin to wear on your
nerves—all you have to do is get outside. Pull over in a park or a rest stop
and get outside in the sun. You’d be amazed at what an hour or two—or even a
half hour—can do to completely refresh your sense of space.

Thinking About
Parking—A Lot

This is especially true if you’re new to RV living.
Overnight parking can be simple to find if you know a city well, especially if
you have an eye for the best spots and don’t mind scouting out parking signs.
But you can simplify things by finding a month to month camping park that will
allow you to keep your RV on a flexible basis. This is great if you’re planning
on living in your RV but want the flexibility to move on in a few weeks’

Cleaning Often

Cleaning often might seem like a drag, but that’s probably
because you’re used to cleaning a house. When you clean your RV, the entire
process can take only a few minutes. There’s simply less space to clean. And if
you want to wash and/or wax the outside of your RV, that won’t be very
challenging, either, particularly if you have the right RV cleaners to
make life easier on yourself. Regular waxing will keep your RV looking fresh
and clean on the outside, and the advantage is that you won’t have to wax as
often as you clean.

Make the Most of your
RV Time

Board games, tablets, even TVs—there are plenty of ways you
can get the most of the time you spend inside the RV. Before a long trip,
prepare some entertainment for your family. Or if you live in your RV, take the
time to research flat-screen TVs that don’t take up any space but add to the
experience of enjoying your RV.

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