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RV Boondocking & Dry Camping Guide

Camping outdoors with an RV is great. But the more you do
it, you may find yourself looking for new challenges—something a little off the
beaten path. Here’s an RV boondocking and dry camping guide for some essential

What is Boondocking
and Dry Camping?

“Boondocking” refers to bringing your RV out to somewhere
wild—out in the “boonies”—and setting up camp. “Dry camping” is a more general
term that applies to any type of RV camping where you don’t have hookups. You’re
not necessarily out in the boonies, but you don’t have the comforts of
civilization, either. You might still be on a developed campsite, for instance,
but without access to a sewer or electricity.

Whether you’re boondocking or dry camping, the problem you
need to solve is obvious: how to be completely self-sufficient within your RV.

What to Bring for RV Boondocking
and Dry Camping Trips

Since you only have what you bring with you, having the
right equipment for an overnight camping stay under the stars is essential.
Bring all of your usual camping items, but make a special emphasis on
remembering the following:

  • Garbage
    Without access to waste disposal, garbage will add up quickly. Leaving
    your litter and waste out in nature is not an option.
  • Power.
    If your RV has its own solar system, you’re set. If not, you might want to
    invest in a portable solar charger for keeping phones and tablets ready to go.
  • Water. The
    first thing you might notice about an undeveloped site: no easy access to clean
    water. Bring your own water and even consider buying a portable water filter.

Food, cooking equipment, and camping supplies should be a
part of your usual RV camping list. Remember: all you have is what you bring
with you.

Before You Set Out
Boondocking or RV Dry Camping

Adequate preparation isn’t just about packing. You also want
to make sure your RV is in the proper state to serve as your campsite when
you’re out on your own. Here are some quick maintenance tips to gear up for
your trip:

  • Seal off your RV with quick-curing RV sealants. An extended
    camping trip goes awry in a hurry if it rains and your RV isn’t completely
  • Empty your sewage tank. The last thing you want
    when you’re out in the woods with no sewage hookup is a full tank. Give
    yourself as much leeway as possible before you head out.
  • Give your RV a little bit of protection with Life Wax. Since you won’t have
    access to good materials once you’re camping, it helps to have an RV that is
    cleaned and protected before heading out.
  • Keep general RV cleaner on standby. Suds is a great all-purpose RV
    cleaner that’s excellent for a wide range of uses.

Stock Up for the Trip

Just a little bit of planning can go a long way. Most of the
comforts of your RV will ensure that you enjoy your camping trip even when
you’re in an undeveloped site. Even so, a few purchases and some preparation
can make all the difference as you camp.

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