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RV Care: Five Tips for Easy Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning your RV, admit it: you’d rather
spend the afternoon sitting on the couch and watching TV. You’re not alone.
Just about anyone would rather spend their time in leisure than take a few
hours out of their day to cover the entire RV head-to-toe. RVs, after all, are big. They take a lot of time to clean,

Well, not so fast.

Sure, it might seem like cleaning the RV will be a pain, but
remember: though the RV is bigger than a car, it’s still a lot smaller than
your house. And when it comes to places this small, every little tip for
cleaning matters. That’s why we’ve put together five tips that most people
simply won’t tell you:

Tip #1:
Stainless Steel Needs Cleaning

screen-shot-2016-01-28-at-1.10.21-pm.pngAdmittedly it sounds like we’re adding work to your docket here, not
taking work away. But remember that the more you ignore stainless steel, the
worse it’s going to get. The metal might have a “stainless” reputation, but the
truth is, it’s really not all that durable—at least not as durable as most
people will tell you. Buy a dedicated Stainless Steel
Cleaner for your RV
and you can easily spray, clean, and move on with your

Tip #2: Not All At Once

Many people figure that they can put
off their RV cleaning, give themselves a Sunday afternoon to handle it, and
call it a week. Or a month. But that’s no way to ensure that your RV is clean.
It’s much better to break it up into smaller bite-sized chunks so that nothing
“sneaks up” on you. The more you leave to be done, the harder it will be when
you finally face the music.

Tip #3:
Buy In Bulk

screen-shot-2016-02-18-at-10.57.50-am.pngYou’re going to be
cleaning your RV a lot, so you might as well face that fact and buy larger
amounts of cleaning products. Buy Suds
by the gallon, for example, to save yourself more online orders. Although
you’ll want to break the cleaning itself into smaller chunks, it’s better to
handle supply purchases all at once so you have everything you need at a
moment’s notice.

Tip #4:
Find Spots In Day For Cleaning

The best way to ensure that
you follow Tip #2 is to find little spots in your day that you can dedicate to
cleaning your RV. Whether the TV is currently on a commercial break or you’re
waiting for someone, there’s always a little bit of extra time in the day you
can use to accomplish something.

Tip #5:
Buy Dedicated Cleaners

Call us
biased, but we think that dedicated cleaners like Fiberglass
cleaner and Vinyl
are much more effective—and quick—at doing the job right than anything else you’ll buy.
Don’t just work hard. Work smart. Buy the stuff your RV actually needs, keep
the supplies handy, and the next time you’re ready to clean, you’ll be

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