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RV Mildew? Follow These Simple Steps


Want a fresh, clean RV that can entertain guests, provide a
healthy environment for cross-country trips, and even smell pleasant? Then
declare war on the mildew in your RV. If your RV is going to retain its
off-the-lot quality, you’re going to need the simple steps to beat it.

Problems Caused by Mildew in RV Environments

According to the EPA, mildew in an enclosed living area can
lead to the following problems:

  • Negative
    health effects.
    Asthma problems, allergic reactions, and respiratory
    complaints in general can act up when mildew or mold is present.
  • Irritation.
    Even if you’re not allergic, you can still experience irritation to your eyes,
    lungs, throat, and skin.
  • Ubiquity.
    In other words, mildew can affect more than just one specific material in
    your RV. It can get anywhere, including wood, paper, carpet, and food. And if
    you don’t do anything to stop it, it will continue to grow.

On top of these hazards, mildew leads to a stinky RV.
Entertaining guests, enjoying long-distance trips—your
options suddenly become limited.

How to Prevent RV Mildew

If you haven’t noticed any build up in your RV at all, that’s great.
You’ve caught yourself at the perfect time. You can
prevent the growth with a few simple steps:

  • Reduce
    indoor humidity.
    Keep the RV well-ventilated, especially in bathrooms and
    kitchens. Employ exhaust fans when cooking and cleaning.
  • Don’t
    just wash. Dry.
    Dry wet materials within 24-48 hours of use. If you have
    any rain leaks, invest in quality
    to eliminate them as soon as possible.

A dry, cool environment tends to inhibit the growth of mildew in your RV, while a humid, temperate environment helps it to grow. The more you can make a
dry RV environment a good habit, the less likely it is you’ll have to deal with
this issue down the line.

Getting Rid of Mildew Once Present

Maybe you’re already past the time to prevent growth. Now your
only option is to attack the problem head on. What do you do then?

First, you’ll want to diagnose exactly where the mildew has grown and identify any areas that moisture may be coming in. You can do this with a simple smell test—or you might
even be able to see the growth itself. Most importantly, take the time to
identify the most affected areas. These are the areas you’ll concentrate on the

Next, invest in a high quality RV Mildew Remover. The chlorine and acid free formula of
RV Mildew Remover helps control odor without giving everything a “chemical”
smell to replace it. With this RV Mildew Remover in hand, you’ll be able to
include mildew removal during your next cleaning session. And remember, once
you’re done cleaning, you should thoroughly dry each area to prevent future growth.

Improve the Health Of
Your RV

Every RV owner deserves a fresh, clean-smelling RV. Keep the
mildew out and you can entertain guests while enjoying your RV to its fullest.

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