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RV Roof Maintenance – A Simple Guide


You never notice how important an umbrella is until it
rains. The same logic applies to your RV: a good, quality roof that does its
job will be hard to notice. But when that roof fails, it’s obvious. That’s why
it’s so important to maintain an RV roof to keep it in top condition. Here are a few basic
tips for RV roof maintenance to keep it in shape throughout the year.

Set an Annual Day for
Your RV Roof

Using your app or program of choice, set a calendar reminder
to inspect and maintain your RV roof once a year. This means taking the time to
get up there and really review how your roof looks. Be sure to take every
safety precaution possible, and never assume that an RV roof is stronger than
it is.

Proper Roof

When it comes to RV roof maintenance, the first thing you
should do is inspect it thoroughly. But what should an inspection entail? Clear
it of debris and look for any weak spots, dents, and even openings. These will
need to be addressed with direct repairs as soon as possible. For safety’s sake,
double-check the roof even after you think you’ve gone through it thoroughly,
as you’d be surprised how easy it is to miss smaller dents and openings.

Pay Attention to

Many RVs today are made with rubber, which makes them
durable and water-resistant for most of the space. But even rubber construction
includes seams. It’s always a good idea to watch your own RV seams on the roof.
You might even test them a little bit to make sure they don’t lift up when they

Use the Best Possible
Roof Repair Materials

If you do notice that there is a leak to be fixed, proper RV
roof maintenance will require that you use the right RV sealants to get the job

  • Know your roof material. Choosing the right
    sealant can’t happen unless you pair it with the proper sealant in the first
  • Clear the area of debris. You want a dry, clean
    surface to work with when you repair your roof.
  • Follow the directions on the label of your
    product, paying special attention to curing times. You’ll want to make sure
    your RV is safe from the potential for weather and the outdoor elements as

Locking out potential leaks will extend the life of your
roof immeasurably, so long as you identify the leaks early on. Larger damage
can be more difficult to address, which is why it’s so important to keep
inspecting your roof annually.

Clean Out Your Roof

For your RV roof maintenance, you’ll want your roof to be
clear of debris before inspection. Even if you haven’t noticed any major roof
issues, keeping it clean and clear will make any future repairs much easier to

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