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RV Stains: 3 Products To Eliminate Blemishes Around The RV

There’s nothing quite like driving home a brand-new RV. The
fiberglass is bright, polished, and shiny. The interior is fresh and smells
great. Everything is clean, clear, and blemish-free… for about two seconds.
Then something spills.

Fortunately, not every blemish has to be an immediate
disaster. Armed with the right equipment, you can keep your RV as stain-free as
possible for years to come. Here are three of the top products we recommend:


#1: Fiberglass Rubbing Compound

It’s tempting to wash fiberglass with ordinary cleaner—and
this sometimes can release easy stains—but deep-set stains can be another issue
entirely. It’s a good idea to keep a jar of this fiberglass cleaner handy in
your garage just in case you notice a new stain or some oxidation on the side
of your RV and you don’t want to have to deal with a long, expensive cleaning
process.A fiberglass stain can be particularly vexing, especially if
you don’t have a lot of experience with fiberglass. Fortunately, Fiberglass Rubbing Compound takes the guesswork out of it, offering a light-grit cleaning
material that helps remove oxidation and stains easily.

stainless-steel-cleaner#2: Stainless Steel Cleaner

The irony when it comes to stainless steel is that it
doesn’t always live up to its name. It’s tempting to treat your stainless steel
as an incorruptible metal, but the truth is that you need to clean it just as
often as you would any other material on your RV. Fortunately, with an easy
spray bottle handy, you won’t have to do that very often. With our Stainless Steel Cleaner, all you have to do is
spray it on, wipe it off, and enjoy the streak-free finish.

Perhaps the best news of all? Since this item is fingerprint
resistant, you don’t have to worry about your stainless steel looking worse after the cleaning than it did before
the cleaning.


#3: SudsQuart

It helps to have a generous amount of general RV cleaner
around—even if you don’t know the next time you’re going to use it. Why?
Because you never know when a stain will pop up. You should be ready 

The key to Suds is that it will clean fiberglass without
removing your wax, which means you can continue to count on your RV’s
protection while still cleaning it vigorously. And that will help protect your
RV from the long-term stains and oxidation you get when you haven’t addressed
your RV’s exterior health in a while to clean
off your RV as soon as you get home.

There are, of course, plenty of RV cleaning options here that
you can check out, but if you stick to the above three, you’ll have a strong
base that will help prevent stains. The key is to clean them as soon as you
recognize them—because nothing’s harder to get rid of than a set-in stain that
refuses to budge. Remember the old saying: an ounce of prevention is worth a
pound of cure.

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