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RVing with Dogs: A Simple Guide

“Man’s best friend.” There’s no doubt that dogs do a lot to
live up to this lofty title, providing companionship, emotional support, and
entertainment on your long road trips. But RVing with dogs isn’t all fun,
either. They can be messy, difficult to care for, and make your road trip a lot
more complicated. But they’re worth it. That’s why we’ve put together a few of
the best tips for RVing with your pets while minimizing the fuss.

Designate Your Dog’s
Space in the RV

Put together a comfortable place for your pet to rest while
in the RV. You might even use the RV for several weeks in advance before the
road trip to get your dog acclimated to the environment. They should associate
the RV with comfort and relaxation.

A collapsible crate is a great idea for giving your dog a
place to sleep and rest while in your RV. Once they’re used to the idea, taking
even a cross-country trip will be a much better experience for both you and
your pet.

Take Your Dog to the
Veterinarian Before Leaving

Making sure your dog is up to date on checkups and
preventative treatments before the trip will save you a lot of potential
headaches. Your dog be exposed to more environments and potentially other animals
during an extended RV trip, and this will likely be your last chance before
heading out on the open road.

Give Your Dog Plenty
of Space on a Regular Basis

If you feel cooped up in the RV after a few hours, imagine
how it feels to have four legs. Even
small dogs will benefit from a lot of open air and space, so make sure to plan
visits to dog-friendly parks and rest stops while you’re RVing. Regular stops
are good for your circulation and for your pet’s well-being.

At the very least, bring a leash and try to get outdoors
when you can, even if there aren’t wide-open parks handy. Your dog needs to be
walked when it’s in the house; when RVing with dogs, the need will be even

Keep Your RV Clean
with Safe Cleaning Products

If you use toxic cleaning products around your RV, then you have
to worry about your pet getting into these products. The good news is that
there are plenty of effective RV cleaning products with safer formulas that are
pet friendly.

  • Keep a gallon of Suds handy for
    general cleaning around the RV. It has a pleasant fragrance and is
    environmentally-friendly to boot.
  • You’ll also want a bottle of VinyLIFE
    for the interior of your RV—and with a pet in tow, you’re going to need it.

Dogs can enjoy an RV road trip every bit as much as you. But
unless you take a few steps to make sure they’re properly cared for, they can
also make your RV tougher to deal with. Plan ahead, use the right RV cleaning products, and make
sure your dog stays happy. After all, when they’re happy—you’re happy.

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