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Solo RVing & Travel Tips


Hitting the open road alone in your own RV may just be the
pinnacle of freedom. You can choose where you go, what you do, and who you
meet. All the freedoms of solo RVing come with plenty of challenges too. Here are some essential solo RVing and travel tips to help you get the most of your trip.

Make Sure Someone
Knows about Your Plans in Advance

Cell service sometimes fails. There isn’t always a phone
nearby. Whatever happens to you on your RV trip, you might end up in a spot
where you’re unable to communicate with the outside world. Before you go on
your trip, let someone else know your basic plans, including:

  • A map
  • An overall schedule of your milestones and
    destinations, even if it’s not set in stone
  • A way to contact you directly, if possible

Try Your RV Out on a
Weekend Trip First

Before you take a major sojourn, do what NASA does: give it
a trial run. There’s no better way to discover the holes in your plans like
actually taking your RV out solo for a few days’ worth of experience. To remember the lessons you learn along the
way, keep a separate solo RVing notebook and write down any additional supplies
you’ll need or issues you need to be aware of.

On a short trip, you’ll figure out simple issues you
wouldn’t otherwise plan for. Learning how to pump out waste, keep warm water in
frigid temperatures, etc.—these issues don’t seem to come up until you’ve
experienced them first-hand.

Print Out a Few
Repair Manuals

Replacing a tire, sealing a leak in your roof—whatever the
emergency may be, it will help if you print out a few guides, put them in
laminated paper, and keep them handy on your trip. Take a look through a blog
for plenty of guides to many RV maintenance and cleaning processes.

This isn’t to say that you’ll necessarily deal with
emergency repairs, but if you do and don’t have access to the Internet, you’ll
need some comprehensive guides. It doesn’t hurt to have a few RV sealing supplies either.

Plan for Downtime

One of the challenges of solo RVing is having something to
do. Driving all day and sleeping alone can get a bit redundant if you don’t
find ways to handle the downtime. Investing in a satellite radio subscription
will keep you occupied while you drive. Stock up on books for an e-Reader to
minimize storage space and give yourself plenty of reading material, too.

Use Both GPS and Maps

GPS is ideal for navigation, but if the GPS ever goes down,
it doesn’t hurt to have some paper maps as a backup. Depending on your travel
plans, you can even invest in a map of the entire country, with a different
stage on each page. It might seem like an unnecessary expense now, but it will
come in handy when you think you’ve missed an exit. And let’s face it—at some
point, you’re going to miss one. It’s always best to be prepared, even in an

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