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Ten Ways to Reduce RV Clutter

Clutter. It’s never good. It gets in the way, it stinks up
the place, and it reminds you that there’s still work to do.

In an RV, clutter is even more noticeable. Ready to reduce it? We’ve got some tips that
will make a difference and leave your RV clean year-round.

1. Reconsider air
Do you really need it? If you spend more time out of your RV
than inside it, then you might not. All you need to do is find a way to get out
during the warmest hours of the day. Some RV enthusiasts insist they don’t
require AC even in warm climates. It’s a judgment call, but a definite way to
claim more space in your RV.

2. If you don’t
absolutely need it, what’s it doing in your RV?
Granted, “absolutely need”
is objective. You might need your morning coffee. But look through the clutter
in your RV and decide whether or not most of your materials are even worth the

3. Reduce your
entertainment hardware.
Digitize your entertainment. If you can put it on a
“cloud,” put it on a cloud. Otherwise, try to avoid carrying on entertainment
hardware—say, a stack of DVDs—that you don’t really need if you can upgrade
your technology.

4. Clean it as often
as you use it.
Granted, this won’t be your favorite tip, but routine cleanings will prevent clutter from accumulating. Check out our Maintenance “Cheat Sheet” for helpful tips. 

5. Mobile storage. If
you absolutely need something but don’t want to get rid of it, you can always
consider mobile storage, or locker-based storage as well.

6. Simplify your
What’s the power source for your RV? Some people like to take all
sorts of gadgets on board that drain power, but don’t take anything on board
that will excessively drain both space and energy.

7. If you cook, cook
Find ways to use one pan.
A cast iron skillet is one of the most versatile pieces of cookware out there.
And utilize that microwave! It’s taking up space, after all.

8. Internet is easy. Get
a wireless Internet connection card or a mobile “hotspot” and, voila, you have
Internet! In this day and age, there’s no excuse for excessively cluttered
Internet hardware.

9. Blankets. If
you want to stay warm, there’s nothing like your own body heat. Blankets easily
fold and add a lot to the comfort and warmth of your RV.

10. Seek
multi-tasking gadgets.
Get rid of those single-task items, because they
take up far too much space. For example, when cooking, spring-loaded tongs make
a great “all-in-one” cooking tool.

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