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Top RV Mods & Upgrades To Improve Your Space

rv to represent rv mods upgrades

Your RV is “pretty good.” But you want it to be great. What
are the small RV mods and upgrades you can make to improve your space and bring
your everyday RV experience from a “B-minus” to an “A-plus”? Here are some top
mods and upgrades to consider!

Storage & Making
More Space

Before you make any mods or upgrades, you’ll first have to
clear out some breathing room. Here are some subtle changes you can make to
your RV so there’s more space to live:

  • Stackable
    shelving and vertical surfaces.
    Make more use of your shelving inside your
    kitchen and closets by adding stackable dividers. If, for example, you have a
    spice cabinet with too much unused vertical space, you can add stackable
    shelving to fill up that empty air.
  • Fishing
    pole holders.
    Fishing poles are notoriously tricky to store. By putting up
    some fishing pole holders inside your RV, you’ll keep them out of the way
    without making a mess.
  • Storage
    Storage boxes might not seem like much help, but when you clear out
    the clutter and relegate it to closets or under the bed, you’ll be amazed at
    how different your space feels.
  • Mounted
    trash can.
    Mount a trash can to the inside of kitchen cabinets for extra
    floor space.

Protecting Your RV
from the Elements

You can’t enjoy an RV unless you protect it from the
elements. Here’s what you’ll need to add:

  • Bug
    . Keep the mosquitoes at bay and ensure you can leave the door open
    without inviting all of the insect wildlife to join your party.
  • Insulation.
    What insulation can you provide your RV to ensure that you lock out the
    weather? Make sure that you seal up any leaks or holes with the appropriate
    RV sealant.
  • Wax.
    Protect your fiberglass from UV rays with a great wax. We recommend
    Life Wax.

Everyday Convenience

Sometimes, adding a mod to your RV is just about adding a
touch of everyday convenience. Here are some ideas to help make your RV more

  • Kitchen counter extensions.
    Love to cook? The luxury of a home-cooked meal is much
    easier to pull off when you have extendable kitchen counters. More surface
    space gives you more freedom to enjoy the meals you like.
  • A backup
    If your RV doesn’t come with a backwards-facing camera, consider
    adding your own to make backing up and navigating much easier and safer.
  • Key
    No one wants to spend 15 minutes looking for the keys. Add a key
    holder to the entry points of your RV so you always know where to find them.
  • Lazy
    Want more kitchen space and convenience? Lazy Susans can give you
    access to everything you need without making the kitchen storage unbearably

Add A Personal Touch

Modding your RV and upgrading it to fit your life isn’t
always about practicality. Sometimes, RV mods and upgrades are simply about adding what you’ll most
enjoy. Consider adding a step rug or including an cleaning kit full of our
RV cleaning
to keep your RV clean, clear, and ready for however you
want to use the space.

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