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5 Amazing Uses for RV Sealants


A quality RV sealant may seem like a simple thing: you apply
it, let it cure, and your RV’s leaks are fixed. But when you work with Life-Calk®,
you get more than that. You get a versatile, non-corrosive sealant that helps
put you back in control over the quality of your RV—both inside and out. Here
are just a few uses for this versatile RV sealant.

calk2.png1. RV Roof Repair

At first glance, your RV’s roof may look like a complicated
thing. There can be a range of different materials like fiberglass, glass,
metal, and even wood. That’s why it’s vital to find a sealant that can bond to
metal, glass, and wood.

Life-Calk® is versatile enough to handle these different
elements on your RV roof, giving you more freedom to repair on your terms. It
also saves you money on buying a range of different sealants just to restore
your roof. And with its non-corrosive formula, Life-Calk® will give you the
sealing you need without bringing its own problems to deal with.

2. Leak Repair and

Maybe your RV roof isn’t in need of full repair—it just has
a leak or two to seal up in order to stay waterproof. If that’s the case,
Life-Calk® can deliver spot sealing that cures to produce a water-tight block,
keeping rain where it belongs.

Because this polysulfide rubber sealant is ideal for getting in
the nooks and crannies between rubber components, waterproofing your RV is as
simple as Life-Calk’s proper
. This will keep your rubber components leak-free, including
even the small, hard-to-detect leaks.

3. Insulation: Keeping
Air Where You Want It

Whether you want to keep cold air out or seal in your air-conditioned
environment for the summer, Life-Calk can seal out the “air leaks” as well.

The key here: Life-Calk® sealant is engineered to apply on
RV fiberglass components. In addition to better sealing off rubber components,
this helps your RV create a more distinctive seal that gives you greater
control over your RV’s interior environment.

4. RV Mildew and Odor

In preventing leaks and humidity from penetrating your RV,
you also prevent the RV from getting excessively damp. By better controlling
the air in your RV, you’ll have more control over how dry your RV remains.

A dry, clean RV is more resistant to mildew and other odor-causing
problems. That means that a proper sealing with Life-Calk® won’t only prevent
problems with leakage, but can help eliminate the problems that frequently come
due to leaking.

5. Preserving Your
RV’s Life and Quality

This is your ultimate goal, no matter what you’re doing in
your RV. Whether you simply need to maintain your RV with some spot sealing or handle
a full roof repair, you need a quality RV sealant that adheres to a wide range
of materials and produces a dry, waterproof seal.

When you use Life-Calk®, you make an investment in the
long-term life and quality of your RV. The real result of applying Life-Calk®
is that your RV will last longer, remain fresh, and give you years of enjoyment
you hoped for when you first purchased your RV.

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