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Vintage RV & Camper Restoration Products

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As anyone with experience knows, vintage RV restoration isn’t like any other job. Not only do you have to clean the RV and get it looking new, but you also have to stay true to the original style of the RV or camper for that “vintage” look. How do you strike a balance between the best of both worlds? Simple: you get the right equipment. Arm yourself with the right RV and camper restoration products and you’ll be well on your way to making it look like it did in its prime.

Handling Dry & Rotted Wood

Many vintage RV restoration project will require wood treatment. Campers and RVs use a lot of wood in their construction, so dry rot is often one of the most vital restoration challenges you’ll face. Fortunately, you don’t have to consider a full wood replacement from the outset. Dry rotted wood can be fixed with the proper application of an epoxy like Git-Rot®.

Git-Rot is a two-part product based on a liquid epoxy that deeply penetrates the rot and soaks into the wood via capillary action. This product goes even deeper than simple cosmetic updates. It will perform like new wood when you restore your RV. The wood then should be left overnight to cure—after which point it will be ready for sanding, painting, drilling, and screwing.

End Grain Sealing for Rot Prevention

When you treat wood, you don’t want any more dry rot to set in—otherwise future restorations might not go so smoothly. Use a high quality End Grain Sealer to seal off the wood and help prevent future rot. If you have a vintage RV or camper with end grain exposed but no dry rot yet, this product can help prevent extensive restorations down the line, ultimately saving you

Restoring Fiberglass to Its Original Finish

One of the most obvious challenges in a vintage RV restoration project is the fiberglass. Stains and discoloration have a way of setting in over time, and using ordinary cleaning products to address these deep-set issues may not have any effect.

We recommend using Fiberglass Rubbing Compound to restore fiberglass to its proper finish. It’s particularly suited to vintage campers, because it can remove oxidation that’s set in. Generally, you’ll have an easier time of it if less oxidation has formed over time, but the rubbing compound always represents an upgrade over a traditional clean.

Sealing Off Vintage RV Leaks

Finally, if you want to address leaks that have opened up in a vintage RV, use our range of RV sealants. These sealants will cure quickly and leave you plenty of options for painting down the line, which in turn gives even older RVs the “fresh off the lot” look.

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Whether you’re working on a vintage camper restoration project or have a newer RV that will one day be “vintage,” don’t forget to take good care of it. We have an entire host of RV cleaning and maintenance products that will keep your RV looking fresh and new for years to come.

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