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What To Look For When Buying An Old RV


You want the RV lifestyle—you just don’t want it at the
price of a brand-new RV with all the options. What do you do? The truth is,
there are plenty of opportunities when buying a used RV. But the enhanced risk
of buying pre-owned means you’ll have to do plenty of research on the front
end. It helps if you know what you’re looking for. Here’s a simple guide on
what to look for when buying an old RV.

Signs Of Mold Or
Mildew Damage

Don’t buy any old RV sight-unseen. You know why? Even if the
pictures look good, you don’t know how it smells.
Odors can be highly indicative to the sorts of problems that give RV owners all
sorts of headaches. Why are these odors so problematic? Because they can be indicative
of more than just a bad smell that needs to be cleaned out. They can indicate
mold or mildew that needs to be addressed. Although a Mildew Remover Pint
can be great for addressing this problem in your own RV, mold in a used RV can
be a sign that the previous owner did not take care of their RV like they
should have, and there may be further damage than immediately meets the eye.


If you’re buying an old RV on a sunny day, then you won’t
have much insight about whether the thing leaks! But you don’t have to wait for
a rainy day, either. You should inspect the RV thoroughly—including the roof—to
ensure that it’s as leak-free as you would hope. There’s a caveat, however: if
the only issue are some easily-reparable leaks that you can handle with RV Sealant, you might also have
a bargain on your hands. That can be a judgment call. The key? Be aware about whether
there are leaks present.

The Roof

While you’re at it, make sure the roof isn’t showing signs
of cracking or bubbling, which can mean that there are some issues with the RV that
need to be addressed by the next owner. If you want to make sure you’re not
inheriting a new “project” but instead a fully-equipped pre-owned RV, you need
to make sure there aren’t problems like these.


An RV is subject to rust just as a car is. Make sure you check
the exterior (and interior, for that matter) for any signs of rusting. Rusting
can prematurely age an RV. It can also be a sign that the previous owner didn’t
take care of it as well as they could. And because rust is so difficult to fix,
it means that if you take over this RV, you would then be the one saddled with
the problem of ever-expanding rust.

Products To Help With
RV Repairs

Have dreams of buying a used RV and restoring it to its
former glory? Great! Just make sure that the damage isn’t unfeasible or
unaffordable. The good news is that you can often find a bargain if there are
problems that a little elbow grease can solve. Have a look at our DIY RV cleaning and repair products
here at RV by LIFE, and set yourself up for success with your new RV!

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