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Where Can I Park My RV To Live?


There’s no doubt living in an RV has plenty of benefits. It
means freedom, flexibility, and can even make lots of financial sense. But many
aspiring RV owners are cautious about the logistics of living in an RV for an
extended period. Just how do you get around and park it without violating local
zoning laws? Is it more challenging than simply owning a home? Here are some
notes on where you can park your RV to live.

Using An RV On Your
Own Land

Do you already have a home with a driveway? Good news: you
officially have a permanent place to park your RV.

While this is one of the most convenient ways to ensure that
you’ll always have a place to put your RV, it also means that you’ll continue
to pay property taxes on the land where you park it. And since so many RV
owners are looking for a way out of
that usual routine, this situation won’t apply to everyone. But if you plan on
spending a lot of time in retirement with an RV, you might leave it parked at
your own home while you’re “at the headquarters,” so to speak. But what if you
want to untether yourself from one single place?

RV Parks &

Your next-best bet for safe and secure RV parking is to
identify those parks and communities that specifically cater to RVs. These
communities will have all the necessary hookups you need—such as waste
disposal—to ensure that your experience will be secure and comfortable.

The advantages of finding parks and communities are obvious:
you’ll go where you’re welcomed without getting in anyone’s way, and you’ll
never have to worry about getting a ticket or a warning from a police officer.
On the other hand, these communities can also charge money—and it’s not always
easy to find one right off the road while you’re on vacation.

Finding RV-Friendly
Parking With Less Planning

If you’re on the road, you don’t want to spend a tremendous
amount of time searching for places to park your RV. It will use up gasoline
without getting you closer to your destination. With that in mind, here are
some places you might want to consider parking your RV that tend to be
friendlier to these vehicles:

  • Fairgrounds
  • Public parks and parking lots
  • Campgrounds—but check with the park first to
    make sure they’re free
  • Business parking lots—but check with the
    business owner first
  • General parking

The truth is, many places can be “RV-friendly” so long as
you have permission to use it. But it doesn’t hurt to know a few potential
spots that can make for quick respite from the road.

One more thing: don’t forget to keep your RV clean and
presentable. Presentation means avoiding “eyesore” status that’s sure to
attract the wrong kind of attention. To that end, visit the cleaning products available here at
, and you’re sure to find plenty of places to park yourself on
your next adventure.


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