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Few things can deteriorate the condition of your RV faster than rot. Once it starts, rot is very difficult to contain, and doing repairs may be impossible. To avoid that fate on your rig, turn to End Grain Sealer from RV by LIFE. This is a two-part liquid epoxy that seals up wood end grains tightly and cures quickly. There is no reason to take chances on end grain rot when such a simple and effective solution is available.

Why Use End Grain Sealer on Your RV?

For the most part, your RV is designed to stand up against the elements. The exterior is likely made from fiberglass, and it is sealed up tightly to keep water out. However, there are a few wood components to be found throughout most rigs, and the end grain on those pieces can make them susceptible to rot. If you spot open end grain pieces around your RV, seal them up tightly to avoid problems down the line.

Two Golden Rules

By ordering End Grain Sealer from RV by LIFE, you will be working with one of the best products on the market. With that said, proper application is still essential to get good results. Be sure to follow these two application rules:

  • The surface must be clean. If the end grain portion you are trying to seal is dirty or dusty, the epoxy may not adhere properly, and your seal will not be complete. Take a moment to clean each surface before any epoxy is applied.
  • The surface must be dry. Again, it is all about getting proper adhesion. If the end grain is damp, the epoxy will not set up correctly. Err on the side of caution and make sure the wood is completely dry before getting started.
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