Life-Calk® Polysulfide Sealant Cartridge 10.6 fl. oz.



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Life-Calk Polysulfide Sealant is a long-lasting, permanently flexible RV sealant. Cracked seals can lead to damaging leaks that will quickly destroy the inside of your RV. Give your rig the protection it needs with a trusted sealant from RV by LIFE.

Key Benefits

There are several performance advantages available when you choose Life-Calk Polysulfide Sealant:

  • Can be sanded to achieve a smooth finish
  • Tack-free in 1 to 3 days
  • Bonds to many materials including metal, wood, fiberglass, and itself
  • Creates an excellent waterproof seal
  • Finished product when cured is long lasting and flexible
  • Able to apply to damp surfaces
The RV by LIFE Advantage

When selecting a polysulfide sealant to use on your RV, it is important to consider quality. Sure, you could shop around for a product at the lowest price, but don’t skimp on quality because in the end, using an inferior product will lead to having to redo the job sooner.

RV by LIFE only manufactures high quality products that are durable and long lasting. Life-Calk from RV by LIFE is a product designed to deliver the longevity you would expect from a quality caulk. In addition to the durability you can trust, LIFE-Calk is available in two color options, black or white—so you can easily match the product to the design of your RV.

Proper Application is Key

It can take a bit of practice to master the art of applying sealant to your RV. One important tip is to keep the sealant moving at a steady pace as it is applied to maintain a consistent bead that does not have any thin or thick spots. Also, when cutting the tip of the tube, start with a small cut first to test out the bead size. If the bead is not thick enough, simply cut a bit more off to increase the bead size.

Order Today!

Waiting to repair the seals on your RV could lead to costly consequences. Even a small amount of water entering the interior of your RV can cause extensive damage, especially if that water is allowed to sit all winter long. Get ready to tackle this project by ordering RV by LIFE’s Life-Calk today!

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10.6 fl. oz./ 310 ml.


Black, White