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How to Clean the Outside of a Camper


In order to have a great camping trip, you need to make sure your RV camper is at its best. And one of the ways to ensure that your camper is in top condition is to clean and prepare it to handle the outdoors. Maybe you’re putting this task off because you feel black streaks, spots, or other issues take too long to resolve. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on how to clean the outside of a camper to make this task easy, painless, and effective!

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Preventative Measures

clean outside camper

First, let’s review some preventative measures you can take to protect the outside of your camper:

  • Cover your RV when possible. If you like to believe that a rainstorm is a “free RV wash,” think again. Rainwater can bring down all sorts of dirt and debris from the RV roof. Then, when the water evaporates, it can leave black streaks down the side of your RV camper. For this reason, you should cover your RV when not in use.
  • Address new spots as soon as possible. Whether you have a black streak or a spot to remove, getting rid of it as soon as possible prevents it from “setting in” or “drying out.” If this occurs, it becomes even more difficult to remove down the line.

Simple Cleaning Solutions

simple solutions to clean outside your camper

If you follow the above preventative steps, you’ll already have a head start on keeping your RV clean without too much work. But there are more things you can do during the cleaning process to make it easier on yourself:

  • Invest in proper RV cleaners. Soap and water aren’t enough, particularly if you have RV camper spots that need to come out. A good, strong RV cleaner will be different than just soap and water. Products like Suds will allow you to clean fiberglass the way you want to, but it won’t do any damage to the surrounding environment nor will it remove the wax from your fiberglass.
  • Rinse the RV down first. Rinsing down the camper not only carries away dust and debris, but it gets the surface more slick for any scrubbing you’re going to do. You may also find that a rinse will do some of the work for you before you even begin wiping down the RV.
  • Remove adhesives and sealants. One of the best ways to give your RV a clean, classic look is to remove any unneeded adhesives and stickers that might be getting in the way of your RV looking its best. We recommend that you use Release Adhesive & Sealant Remover to help with this task!

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Now that you know how to clean the outside of a camper the right way, are you looking for more ways to ensure that your RV is in top condition for your next trip? Be sure to browse all of the available products at RV by LIFE. We look forward to helping keep your RV spotless!

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