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In the process of adding new sealant to your RV, you will inevitably need to remove some of the old sealant that remains. Even a seam that needs to be completely resealed will still have some lingering cured sealant. Use a scraping tool and our Release™ Adhesive & Sealant Remover to remove cured sealants from fiberglass, wood, metal, and glass. It’s that simple.

Key Benefits

Using the right product to remove old sealant from your RV can make an otherwise frustrating job quick and easy. RV by LIFE Release is a silicone sealant remover that offers many advantages, including:

  • Works to remove sealant from fiberglass, metal, wood, and glass
  • Removes residue from tapes, labels, decals, and adhesives
  • Safe to use on most plastic, vinyl, carpeted, and painted surfaces
  • Low VOC, low odor, no residue

Once the old sealant is removed and the surface is clean, you can proceed with the new sealant job to get the results you desire. Order a bottle of this high-quality sealant remover today!

Get Rid of Black Marks

When you order this product, your primary motivation is likely to deal with stubborn old sealant that needs to be removed before a new bead can be applied. However, you’ll also find that this product can nicely remove those ugly black marks that can be left behind when slide-outs are used on your RV. If the action of moving your slide-outs back and forth has damaged your RV’s finish with black streaks, Release can help!

Order Today!

Being an RV owner requires ongoing maintenance. The maintenance tasks are worth it, of course, when you consider all of the benefits of traveling in fully restored and clean RV. To take the hassle out of your maintenance and repair jobs, order all of your cleaning and restoration supplies from RV by LIFE. With quality products at great prices, there is no reason to shop anywhere else.


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