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Cleaning RV Upholstery & Seating


You know all about cleaning your RV—handling fiberglass,
washing the windows, and clearing out the water and waste systems. But what
about one the most important areas that many RV owners overlook? We’re talking,
of course, about the upholstery and seating that makes your RV experience
comfortable. An RV is only as new as its upholstery looks, which means if you
want to extend the life of
your RV,
you’d better take care of your interior just as well as you do the exterior.
Here are some great tips for cleaning RV upholstery and seating.

Common Upholstery
& Seating Problems

The first step in cleaning RV seating? Knowing what you’re
dealing with. Here are a few issues you might have noticed creeping up over the

  • Discoloration.
    Often the result of either sun damage or staining, discoloration means that
    something has affected the fabric itself. This can be difficult to treat, but it’s
    worth taking the time to prevent with regular application of a vinyl
    protectant, for example.
  • Tearing
    or ripping.
    If your upholstery is made with a hard exterior, such as
    leather, around a softer interior, you may find that “wear and tear” often
    leads to
    actual tears. These can be
    more difficult repairs, which means it’s often worth consulting an expert or RV
    repair professional.
  • Rankness
    or mildew.
    If your upholstery and seating looks fine but it smells
    like there might be a problem, trust your nose. You’d be surprised at the level
    of problems that can seep into upholstery without giving any visual warning.

If you’ve noticed any of those problems with your
upholstery, you’ll want to take immediate action—even if the problem is just
starting. Here’s what you need to know.

Tips for Cleaning RV
Upholstery & Seating

If your upholstery and seating is doing well, great. But
remember that preventing the problems you see above doesn’t just happen by
accident. You’ll want to invest in a quality cleaner and protectant like
In addition to cleaning RV upholstery, it serves the dual purpose of leaving a
layer of protection. This is especially important for areas of upholstery
exposed to sunlight on a regular basis, such as the dashboard.

You can also use VinyLIFE on seats and tops. Simply make it
a part of your RV cleaning routine, and discoloration due to UV damage and
other issues will be a thing of the past.

If your upholstery or seating is already plagued by a bad
odor or mildew, try using
Mildew Remover to
spruce it up. The formula is both chlorine and acid-free, which makes it easy
on your seating. The simple spray-on application makes cleaning out mildew a

Stock Up On RV
Cleaning Products

With regular cleaning and inspection, you should have no
problems with your upholstery. Whether you have vinyl, leather, or a range of
other materials, it always pays to match the right cleaners to the right job.
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