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RV Floor Repair & Replacement


An RV might just be your favorite shelter in the world. But
shelter is more than the roof over your head. It’s also about the floor under
your feet. If your RV floor is out of sorts and in dire need of either repair
or replacement, the entire process can be downright intimidating. Fortunately,
we’ve put together some tips to make your RV floor repair or replacement
project go much more smoothly. That way, you can get back to enjoying your RV’s
shelter as soon as possible!

Step 1: RV Floor

Like a doctor first analyzing symptoms to determine the best
way of treating a patient, you won’t know if you have an RV floor repair or total
replacement project on your hands until you’ve figured out the problem. Here
are some common issues:

  • Cosmetic
    like cracking tiles might not damage the integrity of the floor
    underneath. Verdict: floor repair, not replacement.
  • Wood
    can sometimes be treated by a product like Git-Rot®,
    but if the damage is extensive enough that it affects the wood’s support, you
    might want to consider full replacement.
  • Insulation
    is another problem, since trailers and RVs have to insulate in all
    directions. Usually this means a full floor replacement, depending on the
    extent of the insulation damage.

If you’re in doubt about the status of your floor, have an
expert come in and give you a quote on the repairs. You can even seek out a
second opinion if you’re not sure. But before you start, make sure you know the
extent of the problem first.

Step 2: Taking Action

Once you know what the problem is, you’ll know which actions
you have to take next. And although all the situations above have different solutions,
there are some tips we can share that can help no matter what you’re doing:

  • Clearing
    out the area.
    Making sure the floor is free of debris, furniture, and any
    and all furnishings is important. But so is clearing out anything on the walls
    that might drop during the process and throw off the repairs.
  • Destruction.
    Repairing an RV floor usually starts by taking out the old one—destruction
    rather than construction. Before you do this on your own, make sure you
    understand all the issues with RVs, including avoiding electrical work and
  • Measuring
    twice, cutting once.
    Do you know which materials are best? Do you know that
    what you bought at the hardware store will fit? These are questions to ask
    before an RV floor replacement—not

Step 3: Use The Right

We don’t just mean hammers and nails. Repairing some light
rotted wood with a
Git-Rot® kit
will make a repair go much more easily than you might imagine—all that it
really requires is some patience as the cure takes hold.

No matter what your flooring issues might be, tackle them
step-by-step with a proper diagnosis of the problem and plan of attack. Not
only will you be rewarded with an RV with better floors, but the life of your
RV can be extended immeasurably.

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