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Cold Weather RV Camping Tips

Mobile home in mountains

Your RV can be a great way to escape the weather where you live. But what if you want to enjoy a trip in the cool winter weather to mix things up? We have a few cold weather RV camping tips for you, including places to go and how to make sure that your RV is a safe place to camp during cold conditions.

Where to Plan Your Cold Weather RV Camping Trips

For some people, heading south for the winter is a great way to beat the cold weather. But if you’re actively seeking cold weather, where are the best places to go? We have a few ideas and tips:

  • Stick to major metropolitan areas. This is especially true for your first trip. You want to stay close to the shops, stores, and emergency services in the case that you might need them. Find RV winter camps near the largest population centers in your area to start your experience with a low-risk camping excursion that includes all the access to civilization you need.
  • Plan for both time and place. Suburban Wisconsin or Michigan during the winter can make for great RV camping opportunities. But keep in mind that the weather can go from “comfortable” to “downright dangerous” in a hurry. As you’re searching for RV campground opportunities in cold-weather locations, make sure that you don’t forget about the elements of weather and timing.

Our Best Cold Weather RV Camping Tips

  • Safety first. The cold weather is no time for risk-taking. Make sure that you pay attention to weather forecasts and use the advantage of a mobile RV to avoid extreme weather rather than seeking it out.
  • Use a winter RV readiness checklist. There are a few actions you can take to prepare your RV for a cold weather excursion. Consider re-sealing any window leaks before you head out using an RV sealant, purchase an insulated water hose to prevent “heat-ups or bursting,” and use a space heater near the water pump to prevent freezing.
  • Keep multiple sources of power and heat. Heat and insulation are important, but it’s also imperative that you rely on more than one source of heat. If your RV were to lose power in an emergency situation, do you have a backup for staying warm?
  • Keep the air dry. A dehumidifier can be a valuable way to ensure that water buildup doesn’t lead to freezing and bursting problems—which are especially inconvenient when you’re using the RV.
  • Stock up on RV emergency items. Tire chains, weather radios with their own power sources, and extra blankets are just a few of the emergency items to keep on hand.

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