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Goodbye Dry Rot

git rot rv repair

Have you ever yearned to breathe new life into your RV but felt overwhelmed by where to start and what RV cleaning products to use? The abundance of options on the market can be daunting, and we understand your concerns. Fortunately, we’ve devised a way to simplify the RV restoration process. Follow our tips below to discover some easy tricks that can make your older RV appear more refreshed!

Deal with Dry Rot


Did you know that RVs contain a significant amount of wood? Wood is not only a fundamental component of your RV’s structure but also plays a crucial role in defining its appearance. Dry rot is a common issue in RVs, impacting both the structural integrity and the aesthetics. To combat dry rot effectively, we recommend using our “Git”-Rot kit. This comprehensive kit includes a mixing bottle and Git Rot material, which will enable you to tackle dry rot problems in your RV. In most cases, you’ll have plenty of material left over for future repairs. After application, allow the product to cure overnight. Once cured, you can sand and paint the wood, giving it a fresh, like-new appearance. Our kit allows you to complete your RV woodworking restoration quickly, saving you both time and money.

What is Git Rot?

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Our unique two-part liquid epoxy works by saturating and restoring the original strength of wood, penetrating the areas affected by rot, even those with loose, deteriorated fibers. This product is applied to dry wood by injecting it into the affected areas. Git Rot naturally seeps into the wood through capillary action. After an overnight curing process, it can be sanded, painted, drilled, and screwed, providing versatility and compatibility with fiberglass resins, epoxies, and most sealants. Here’s an interesting fact: Git Rot was used to repair a column at the White House!

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