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Got Glue Residue?


We’ve all been there. We’ve visited a truck stop or gas station and seen a unique sticker that we thought would make a great addition to the RV, camper or car. But when the “newness” wears off, or you’ve outgrown the Stick Family decals, how do you get them off? Release® is the answer! Release® is our 2nd Generation adhesive and sealant remover. It’s easy to use. Just spray Release® on one edge of the decal and use a scraping tool to remove it. Release® also removes cured sealants from fiberglass, wood, metal and glass. Our Stick scraping tool comes in handy and works well in combination with Release®!

We all know how important the RV protection film is that is applied to the outside of our RVs to protect the RV’s painted surface. It’s the first barrier to help protect the paint from wear and tear caused by UV rays, dirt, bugs and more. It also helps shield the vehicle from scratches, chips and swirl marks. Unfortunately, after some road trips and road debris hitting the film it will start showing pock marks and eventually mildew will infiltrate those areas. If the time comes where you want to remove the film you might want to hire a service center to do the job.  But did you know that if you hire someone to take off the film it can cost upwards of $5,000? It is not an easy job, but with the right tools what would most likely take two weeks to do can be done in possibly half the time. And since Release® is safe to use on painted surfaces, you don’t have to worry about this great product causing any damage to the paint.


Using Release® will give you the tools you need to do the job yourself-correctly and professionally without having the shell out a large sum of money. And if you have product left over keep it on hand for the next time when you want to remove any residue left behind by decals, tape, labels or cured sealant.



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