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Green RV Living Tips

You love nature, which is one reason you own an RV. The
thought that your RV might be hurting nature the more you use it is out of the
question. Fortunately, there are ways to go green, even when you frequently use
an RV to experience more of the great outdoors. Here are some of our favorite
green RV living tips.

Get Control of Your

The first step toward green RV living is getting a handle on
the amount of waste you generate. That means:

  • Buying “recyclable” and “re-sealable” whenever
    you can. Trash and waste in an RV tends to build up over time. The less plastic
    you throw out, the better.
  • Keep your RV tidied up. Beware of “stuff” taking
    over your RV. Try to keep your RV lean and tidy. One good habit: for every new
    item you bring on board, ask yourself if there’s something you don’t need that
    you can remove from your RV.

When you get control over your waste, you learn how to
manage it. That means decreasing it in the long run. It can make for a clear
conscience and help you maintain a clean RV.

Go Solar

You can’t truly go green until you change your relationship
with the energy you use. One of the best ways of doing this in an RV is to go
solar. This can be complicated and even expensive, but many RV owners have
solar panels custom-installed so they’re less reliant on electricity from the
grid. This can lower your carbon footprint, and it makes your RV that much more

When it comes to fuel, many RVs run on alternative energy,
such as this “Green RV” in
the New York Times
running on vegetable oil. It’s something to think about
if you don’t have an RV yet.

Buy a Water
Filtration System

Water is freely available. But if you want high-quality
water, stop shopping for those expensive plastic bottles and make a one-time
investment in a filtration system for your RV. This will deliver clean,
pristine water from a variety of sources and reduce the amount of trash and
recycling your RV produces. Once installed, the system will also be much
easier to maintain than the old method of buying up fresh water wherever you
can find it.

Take Care of Your

Improving fuel efficiency isn’t easy, but the U.S. Department of Energy
that you can squeeze a little more out of your RV if you keep your
tires properly inflated—sometimes up to 3 percent more. It doesn’t seem like
much, but if you travel in your RV frequently, these little tweaks add up.

Tires that are properly inflated also tend to be safer,
which will help to keep your RV in working condition. Even a small investment
such as a tire gauge can be a great step toward green RV living.

Use Environmentally Friendly

We have a range of RV cleaners, such as Suds, that are safe for the
environment. Don’t use harsh chemicals that might even be illegal in some
places such as national parks. Instead, keep your RV clean with the right
products and you’ll continue to have a great relationship with the environment.
We hope you enjoyed these green RV living tips! Happy RVing!

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