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Mind Your Manners!


No matter where you go in society, everywhere and every place has certain manners to follow. This is no different when you are an RV’er. Many times your RV is parked very close to a fellow RVers, and usually RVers are a friendly bunch. It doesn’t matter whether you are in a $500,000 motorhome or a $15,000 pop-up. You pull in, start hooking up and usually if you are both outside, a conversation strikes up right away. Because RV’ers are almost always traveling and in new places, you are constantly faced with dealing with strangers and different personalities. So following simple manners will ensure that everyone has a good time and there isn’t a nasty battle of the neighbors starting!


  • Don’t walk through someone else’s campsite. We know that cutting through a few campsites will get you to the Ice Cream Bingo at the social hall quicker, but you don’t just cut through your neighbor’s yards when you are living in a house, don’t do it at a campground.
  • TV’s-It is great that you have a big TV inside your coach, or maybe it’s one that is mounted in your front storage compartment. And I know sitting on your comfortable gravity chair outside or lounging on the couch inside watching your favorite action flick or catching this week’s game sounds fun, but that doesn’t mean it’s what everyone around you wants to listen to. Please be mindful of the volume and remember that even if you are inside, RV walls are thin. Don’t ruin someone else’s day/evening having to only listen to your show!
  • Pets-Today more than every people are traveling with their pets. But if your pet is a barker (deep or yappie…it’s the same) please make other arrangements. Owners sometimes become tone deaf to just how much their dog barks, please be aware that people living in this confined, outdoor space like a campground will not be tone deaf to it. It can be a real annoyance for a lot of people. Also, not everyone likes pets. So please do not let it off leash at any time. Spot may be the friendliest dog and never hurt anyone. But someone who is very afraid of dogs won’t care how nice Spot is. Not being a dog person and then having a dog run up to you can be traumatic. Also, be sure to always clean up after your pet!
  • Smokers-If you are a smoker, please be mindful of where you smoke. Many people have their windows open to enjoy the fresh air (I mean, we are in nature!). Please don’t smoke outside another person’s RV.
  • Generators-Please be mindful of the time that you are running your generators. Most campgrounds have quiet time, but not everyone adheres to that, especially when it comes to running their generators. These can be very disruptive to your neighbors.
  • Be Tidy-Campsites are not big, and they are close together so you usually can see everything going on at your surrounding sites. Please keep your things tidy and not have your things everywhere. While we are sitting outside enjoying nature, we don’t really need to look at a campsite that could be featured on the next episode of Hoarders! Consider investing in RV cleaners.


Remember to mind your manners. For all of your RV restoration and maintenance needs, please visit us at RVByLife.com

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