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Motorhome Supplies: Our Top Five

It’s not so much about the walls around you that determines your quality of life; it’s what you do with those walls that matter. Whether you live in a motorhome or a home of fixed location, your comfort, satisfaction, and overall quality of life will depend on the items that you use to make your life a little easier every day.

And since motorhomes are no exception, we thought it would be a perfect time to mention some of the most essential motorhome supplies that owners find themselves needing:

1. Toiletries. Let’s face it: as cool as it might be to have the latest fancy gizmo decorating the walls of your motorhome, what’s really going to matter most is how comfortable your motorhome is when it comes to the bathroom. There’s nothing that will turn a day from “average” to “terrible” quite as quickly as some bad toiletries—and a bad bathroom situation overall. Toiletries including excellent RV toilet paper, proper shaving equipment, and some good soap will all make your life a little more efficient—and a lot more comfortable. Make sure you’re stocked on everything you and guests might need in the bathroom.

2. A tool kit. It’s difficult to predict what might need fixing, so a whole tool kit can be essential. That’s not to say that your RV will necessarily break down, but something you bring into the RV will inevitably go awry. Having the proper tools—screwdrivers, wrenches, etc.—to fix up an item handy will ensure that you don’t have to go around shopping for a new tool every single time something breaks down and needs repairing. The good news is that many basic tool kits can be found at local hardware stores and don’t require that you spend a lot of money.

3. A cast-iron skillet. There’s nothing quite so versatile and excellent at providing even-heat cooking than a cast-iron skillet. These skillets work just as well on electric stoves as they do on gas stoves, so there’s no need to worry there. And they’re not only versatile, but they’re durable—in fact, they usually tend to get better and more non-stick with time. Cleaning them is the same as if you were in a house, because you wouldn’t be able to put them in the dishwasher in the house, either.

4. An e-reader. Whether you’re camping or living in your motorhome, there’s going to be some period of time when you need to entertain yourself. Nothing on earth provides the entertainment-to-space ratio quite like an e-Reader. They provide hours and days and weeks’ worth of entertainment in a small, thin package, which keeps the rest of your motorhome clean for your other pursuits.

5. Suds. No, not the beer kind. You might call us biased, but we think that keeping a clean, attractive RV is essential, which is why we recommend that people pick up our Suds.

Specifically designed with RVs in mind, this environmentally-safe cleaning fluid is perfect for multi-purpose use.

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