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RV Roof Cleaning Strategies and Tools

As much as you might love
your RV, let’s face it: few people like the idea of cleaning their RV roof.
Sure, you get a lot of joy out of your RV. You take good care of it. You wash
it. You keep the inside clean. You enjoy your RV as much as a person can enjoy
something…and still the prospect of
cleaning your RV roof seems like an unnecessary hassle. What’s an RV lover to

Simple: make things as
easy on yourself as possible. When it comes to RV roof cleaning, there are a
few tips, tricks, and strategies you can use to decrease not only the labor you
expend in cleaning your RV roof, but the time. That means less effort, less
worry, and less money spent keeping
your RV roof clean and clear of debris.

Here are a few of our
favorite tips and tools for ensuring that your RV roof is clean—without all the

Work Backwards

Working on an RV roof can
be dangerous, especially when you’re dealing with a slippery surface. It’s
important to wear effective-grip boots that will give you stable footing when
working on your RV. But perhaps even more important is the strategy with which
you work.

You see, when cleaning an
RV, you typically have two or three things to do: rinse the RV to clear it of
debris, wash it, and then give it a final rinse so clear the soap away. As
anyone with an RV knows, this will result in a slippery (and less safe) RV

That’s why working
backwards will be far more effective. What is “working backwards”? Simple: when
you get onto your RV roof, go start on the far
of the roof, away from where you entered. That way you can rinse and
wash your RV roof, back up, and then rinse and wash the spot upon which you
were just walking.

This leaves plenty of dry
spaces for you to walk on, which is needed for your safety. It also helps clean
the RV since you won’t be walking on the areas you’ve already worked with the
undersides of your shoes, which minimizes “do-over” time.

Choosing Effective, Easy Products

Once you’ve got your
strategy for washing the RV planned, it’s time to talk tools. Specifically,
you’ll want two kinds of tools for cleaning your RV roof:

Using a fiberglass cleaner
will necessarily add another step to your RV cleaning efforts, but when your RV
is stained, there’s really no other way to go about it. You can use a powder to
spot-clean any affected areas, and then use the soap to clean the entire roof,
making sure to keep your shoes on the dry, safer spots of the roof!

You love your RV, and that
passion should show in the way your RV looks—inside, outside, and, yes, up top.

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